Buckeye Newsstand, June 5

Take a look at the best stories that weren't done by us. Come along as we take a trip around the 'net for all the Ohio State news that you can handle.

Sunday, June 5
Approximately 150-200 Ohio State students/fans marched to Jim Tressel's house Saturday night in a show of support for the recently resigned football coach. The Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer FoxSportsOhio.com and The Associated Press (via the Lorain Morning Journal) have stories/photos/video from the event.

The Dispatch has a story on experts saying the school itself will be fine despite the football team's issues.

Along those same lines, two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin told The Associated Press (via the Plain Dealer) that times will get better for OSU.

The Dispatch also interviewed former OSU football coaches Earle Bruce and John Cooper, who both know what Tressel is going through.

Ray Stein answers plenty of OSU letters in his weekly Editor's Mailbox for the Dispatch, while the Dispatch also has an Ask the Experts Q&A.

Jim Naveau of the Lima News has a column, listing Tressel's resignation as the most shocking thing he's covered in 20 years on the OSU beat.

Finally, Chad Conant of the Mansfield News Journal has a column saying the OSU football head coaching job will be a coveted one no matter what penalties the NCAA may hand out.

Saturday, June 4
Good news has been rare surround the Ohio State football team recently, but the Columbus Dispatch has a story in which a lawyer representing the nine players implicated in the recent Sports Illustrated story saying he does not feel more player suspensions are likely.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer also has a story stemming from an interview with the same lawyer.

The godfather and legal guardian of Terrelle Pryor says the OSU quarterback will return for this senior season, according to a story by The Associated Press (via FoxSportsOhio.com).

Former Ohio State defensive lineman Shane Clark talks to his hometown newspaper, the Chillicothe Gazette, about his former OSU teammate Luke Fickell.

Finally, Zac Jackson of FoxSportsOhio.com has a story on a minor league baseball team that will have a promotion based on Jim Tressel.

Friday, June 3
The father of Ohio State defensive lineman John Simon spoke to the Columbus Dispatch and denied that his son sold memorabilia for tattoos or money. Simon's name came up in this week's Tressel report by Sports Illustrated.

The Dispatch has a story on the OSU students who want to show support for Tressel. The Dispatch also has a story on Tressel's name coming off the menu of a Columbus steakhouse.

The Dispatch has a story on OSU's compliance department, which was warned it needed to raise its guard in a November audit.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer sent a reporter to Jeannette, Pa., where native son Terrelle Pryor still has plenty of support. The Plain Dealer also has a story stemming from an interview with Pryor's attorney.

The Associated Press (via the Lima News also has a story on Pryor's lawyer disputing the SI story.

Also disputing portions of the SI story is retired Youngstown State president Leslie Cochran. He spoke to the Youngstown Vindicator and said he did not talk to the magazine.

Sticking with Pryor, the AP (via the Dayton Daily News) reports the quarterback has had his driving privileges reinstated.

The Dispatch has a brief update on the OSU men's golf team, which advanced to the match play portion of the NCAA championship tournament.

Bruce Hooley of FoxSportsOhio.com questions whether more people will lose their jobs at OSU because of the recent scandal.

Finally, Bob Hunter of the Dispatch has his weekly Rumblings column and his Rumblings Xtra blog.

Thursday, June 2
Jim Tressel may be gone, but Ohio State university president E. Gordon Gee says athletic director Gene Smith's job is "safe." The Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Associated Press (via FoxSportsOhio.com) have the story.

The car Terrelle Pryor was driving on Monday night drew some concerns, but the Dispatch dispels some concern about that particular car, saying it was bought recently by Pryor's mother.

The Associated Press (via the Canton Repository) reports that it does not matter what car Pryor has, as his driver's license is suspended in Ohio.

The Plain Dealer has the story on OSU's latest verbal commitment, Bedford cornerback/safety Tyvis Powell. The PD also caught up with Cardale Jones, who reaffirmed his pledge to play for Ohio State.

Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer writes that Pryor's time at Ohio State should come to an end.

Eddie George predicted Pryor being done as a Buckeye in a Starting Blocks video for the Plain Dealer.

The Mansfield News Journal has a story on NCAA investigators returning to Columbus to widen its probe.

The Associated Press (via the Canton Repository) has a story in which Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez says Ohio State's woes are bad for the Big Ten.

Zac Jackson of FoxSportsOhio.com has a column on OSU's recruiting class being at risk after Tressel's departure.

Bob Frantz of the Lorain Morning Journal has a column on the uphill climb facing Luke Fickell and the Buckeyes.

The Dispatch has a very short note on the OSU men's golf team, which currently sits eighth in the NCAA team tournament in Oklahoma.

Finally, the Dispatch has a story on Ohio State being warned by students about a potential apparel licensing deal with the Dallas Cowboys because of sweatshop concerns.

Wednesday, June 1
The Columbus Dispatch has a story on Luke Fickell, the man now in charge of righting the football program's ship. The story details his first early recruiting victory following the departure of Jim Tressel. The Dispatch also has another story on how Fickell's opportunity is a challenge.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a story on the next big question surrounding the Buckeyes: the future of Terrelle Pryor. The Plain Dealer also has a story on Fickell's recruiting success in keeping a 2012 verbal commitment from decommitting.

The Canton Repository catches up with Steve Miller, a Canton McKinley product that has already signed his letter of intent to play at Ohio State this fall.

The Associated Press (via the FoxSportsOhio.com) has a story on OSU president E. Gordon Gee and director of athletics Gene Smith being put under a microscope following Tressel's departure. The AP (via the Toledo Blade) also has a story on the NCAA's investigation into Terrelle Pryor's cars.

Bob Hunter of the Dispatch writes that the OSU players deserve more of the blame for the football program's problems.

Barry McBride of FoxSportsOhio.com asks if coaches have an impossible job.

Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com writes that more needs to be done despite the departure of Tressel, namely parting ways with Gee and Smith.

Greg Billing of the Dayton Daily News writes that OSU's image is not unrepairable.

Pat Forde of ESPN.com unsurprisingly finds people in Columbus are sad about the OSU scandal.

Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN.com writes about Zack Meisel of The Lantern and how some are blaming the messenger.

Todd Porter of the Canton Repository writes that OSU fans should take their heads out of the sand now because the Buckeyes are no different than most other top 25 programs.

Michael Rosenberg of SI.com has a column on how most OSU football coaches don't have happy endings.

Andy Staples of SI.com writes that OSU is trying to shift the narrative by having Tressel resign.

The Mansfield News Journal caught up with Chris Fabry, who co-wrote Tressel's book "The Winner's Manual" three years ago.

Doug Lesmerises of the Plain Dealer has an analysis piece on whether Tressel will have a lasting place in OSU history. Lesmerises also talks about what Fickell needs to do to succeed in a Starting Blocks video.

The AP (via the Lorain Morning Journal) has a story on how the Tressel case is a warning to others.

FoxSportsOhio.com has a story saying Chris Spielman is not interested in going after the vacant OSU head coaching job.

The Dispatch has a story on Ryan Kesler, a former Ohio State hockey player who has turned into the star of the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks begin play in the Stanley Cup finals against Boston tonight in Canada.

The Dispatch has a notebook from the Memorial Tournament in suburban Columbus, where Jack Nicklaus gave his opinion on Tressel.

Finally, the Dispatch has an college sports notebook, led with a note on the OSU men's golf team beginning NCAA tournament play.

Tuesday, May 31
The Jim Tressel era at Ohio State is over. The longtime head coach resigned Monday morning, sending many writers to their computers to write post-mortom columns on the scandal that took down the Vest. Here are some of them:

• Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch: Tressel follows in footsteps of ousted coaches at Ohio State.
• Bob Hunter of the Dispatch: This had to happen, for benefit of program.
• Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Jim Tressel resigns at Ohio State having paid the price for his sins of omission.
• Bud Shaw of the Plain Dealer: Gordon Gee and Gene Smith did their part to tarnish the Ohio State brand.
• Dave Hackenberg of the Toledo Blade: Gee steps up, shows coach tot he door.
• Jim Ingraham of the Lorain Morning Journal: The liars manual: Tressel tarnishes his legacy.
• John Kampf of the Lorain Morning Journal: Now hiring ... Or will they?
• Mark Podolski of the Lorain Morning Journal: It was just a matter of time.
• Jim Naveau of the Lima News: Too much control was Tressel's downfall.
• Larry Phillips of the Mansfield News Journal: What took Ohio State so long to do the right thing?
• Jon Spencer of the Mansfield News Journal: No defense for Tressel's final plan.
• Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal: Tressel could no longer hide lies under tattered vest.
• Tom Archdeacon of the Dayton Daily News: Tressel stained OSU's image.
• Zac Jackson of FoxSportsOhio.com: Tressel's legacy at OSU? He was a winner.
• Bruce Hooley of FoxSportsOhio.com: The downfall of a Buckeye legend.
• Andy Staples of SI.com: Tressel tries to take brunt of NCAA wrath with Ohio State resignation.
• Pat Forde of ESPN.com: Tressel's end fits with saga's pattern.
• Ivan Maisel of ESPN.com: Jim Tressel couldn't survive as head coach of Ohio State Buckeyes.
• Ray Ratto of CBSSports.com: Arrogant Tressel pays for never coming clean.
• Brett McMurphy of CBSSports.com: Tressel's paper train begs question: What took so long?
• Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com: Tressel quitting a start for Ohio State, but not enough.

If you're looking for straight news stories on the resignation, the Dispatch, Plain Dealer and The Lantern, OSU's student newspaper, have you covered with tons of stories on their respective OSU pages.

Of particular interest is the Dispatch story on the next OSU off-the-field issue: a new investigation by the NCAA looking into quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

The Canton Repository, Toledo Blade and The Associated Press (via the Lorain Morning Journal) all have their own stories on Tressel's departure.

Zac Jackson of FoxSportsOhio.com looks into who might be the next coach at Ohio State. Jeff Seeman of FoxSportsOhio.com has a list of Tressel's greatest moments at OSU.

The Associated Press (via the Canton Repository) has a story on the Pryor investigation. The AP (via the Canton Repository) also has a story on OSU player/alumni reaction and a story that says the university will not have to pay Tressel to leave.

The Toledo Blade has a story on area reaction to the Tressel news and a timeline of Tressel's rise and fall.

The Lorain Morning Journal has a story on reaction in its neck of the woods and a story on Twitter reaction.

The Dayton Daily News has a local reaction story and one with reaction from area Buckeye Jerry Rudzinski.

The Mansfield News Journal has a story on local reaction, a story on what's next for OSU, one on interim head coach Luke Fickell and another on how Tressel's fall was not unlike that of Woody Hayes.

Investigative reporter George Dohrmann had his story on Tressel go live on SI.com.

The Canton Repository catches up with OSU verbal commitment Bri'onte Dunn, who did not decommit but said he will keep his options open.

The Akron Beacon Journal has comments from area recruits, including future Buckeyes Doran Grant of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary and Devin Smith of Massillon Washington.

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