On Tressel and Terrelle

Many people probably expected Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor to be forever tied together in Ohio State lore, but not in the way it played out in recent weeks. We take a look at the end for both in the latest Cus Words blog entries.

No one forced former Jim Tressel to make the fateful decision to withhold his knowledge about Terrelle Pryor's involvement with a Columbus tattoo parlor, but the former Buckeye quarterback's role in his iconic head coach's downfall cannot be denied.

Many troubled players have gone through Tressel's Ohio State program. Few won as much as Pryor did, but none that we know of put him in such a tough situation.

Perhaps Tressel is partly to blame for Pryor's selfish actions, but both made their decisions and now lie in their resulting beds.

The difference is one put together a lifetime of serving universities and communities, and the other has a lifetime of growing up yet to do.

Buckeye Sports Bulletin writer Marcus Hartman has thoughts on the player and the coach in the newest entries in the Cus Words Blog.

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