Ohio State's Big Ten Coaches By The Numbers

To help pass the time during another long summer wait for the return of football, we take a look at some of the facts and figures chalked up by the first 10 Buckeyes football head coaches since the school joined the Big Ten prior to the 1913 season.

With Luke Fickell scheduled to become the 11th man to serve as head coach of the Ohio State football team since the program joined the Big Ten in 1913, we thought it might be fun to break down his 10 predecessors by a few different statistical categories.

Among the measures we put the mentors of Ohio's favorite college team are the usuals, like wins and Big Ten championships, as well as categories such as most All-Americans, most bowl appearances and most future hall of famers.

Woody Hayes stil casts a long shadow, but where do Jim Tressel, Earle Bruce and John Cooper rank against each other and the rest? What kind of mark did Paul Brown leave on the program in his short time on the Columbus sidelines? How have the previous Buckeye graduates who coaches their alma mater handled the job?

For the answer to those questions and more, check out this post in the Cus Words Blog.

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