Spring Game Photos Page 2

Photos copyright Evan Mercer

Craig Krenzel sets to throw

Krenzel lets it go right before Joel Penton reaches him

Drew Carter makes a leaping catch in front of Ashton Youboty

Carter reaches for one in the end zone...

...but he can't quite reel it in.

Troy Smith lets a pass fly

On another play he tries to escape the rush

Mike Tomczak got to ride this beaut onto the field

Bam brings one in for a TD

Bam Childress fields a kick

Ashton Youboty was hanging right with Chris Gamble on this play

Ashton got a piece of it and knocked it away

The ball bounced back in Gamble's direction, but he couldn't quite bring it in.

Santonio Holmes on his way to the end zone on a punt return

Holmes racing down the sideline

Holmes is home free

On his way to the end zone

One last attempt by Cliff Reynolds.


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