Lyle's Recruitment Booming, Bucks Interested

The Ohio State basketball coaching staff is on the trail of top 2014 prospect JaQuan Lyle. Though only 15 years old, Lyle's recruitment has gone national in the recent months. Get the full story about Lyle's recruitment and Ohio State's involvement inside.

Shane Burkhart, the head basketball coach at Evansville (Ind.) Bosse, has received common advice from peers and college basketball coaches that hit close to home.

"I have been told by a lot of people that high school coaches, if you're fortunate to coach a young man that is of really high caliber, then you really have to sit back and take it all in as a coach," Burkhart told BSB.

With sophomore Jaquan Lyle, who is starting to become one of the most coveted prospects in the 2014 class, Burkhart has a player that more than fits that description.

And he's watching.

"He is a young man and he's just so talented basketball-wise," Burkhart said. "He has a huge basketball IQ, he has court vision that has been compared to a lot of NBAers. He just loves to play the game of basketball. He's pretty much your gym rat."

Burkhart probably would have continued to describe Lyle's positive attributes if he didn't have to catch is breath. That enthusiasm Burkhart shared about Lyle, only a 15-year-old sophomore, has caught on to the recruiting scene.

Already with four offers from Indiana, Purdue, Illinois and Xavier, Burkhart anticipates Lyle will have nearly 15 offers by the time his season starts. Ohio State has been extremely interested in the early portions of Lyle's recruitment.

Before Brandon Miller left Ohio State's coaching staff he had watched Lyle play multiple times. In the months since Miller's departure, current assistant Jeff Boals has continued to keep tabs on Lyle.

The Buckeyes, of course, are getting in early on the process. For 2014, the four star recruit is already ranked as the No. 15 prospect in his class by Ohio State has yet to send the 6-4, 170-pound shooting guard an offer, but one come be coming soon.

"We hope that there's an offer that's out there from Ohio State," Burkhart said. "I know that they want him on campus really bad. I know they want him up for a game really bad and we're going to do everything we can to get that accomplished for them.

"I'd anticipate honestly it happening sometime in October. I know they're planning on coming down in Sept. and watching him in open gyms again and then we'll hopefully finalize it come then." Being this early in the process, Lyle hasn't even started to think about what schools may be there at the end before he makes a final decision. Instead, Lyle has continued to focus on his individual growth while watching the offers begin to accumulate.

But that doesn't mean Lyle hasn't had an appreciation for the interest garnered from Ohio State. In fact, Burkhart mentioned Lyle has a very high understanding of the tradition and success Ohio State has had in the recent years.

Getting interest from the Buckeyes, Burkhart said, is a big milestone for Lyle.

"He has a strong basketball IQ and that also goes for the programs, watching basketball, knowing who is there," Burkhart said, "and he can definitely who is playing and who is playing well and what happened in the games. He is very excited about Ohio State and the other wonderful programs who have shown interest."

Programs such as Ohio State, Michigan State, Memphis, Tennessee, Georgetown, Iowa, and Kansas have all shown interest, but had yet to offer. That could change in the near future.

For now, Lyle and his family are enjoying the recruiting process. Taking it slow, Burkhart said, is the current plan of action.

"He is very much wide open to the recruiting process and I think that's a great stance for him and his family to take," Burkhart said. "He's so young – he won't be sixteen until Feb. and to be a sophomore, that's a really young sophomore.

"They're doing it the right way, but they are extremely excited about the wonderful programs that are coming in and wanting to get involved in his recruiting. They're going to take it step-for-step, day-for-day."

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