Ginn Sr. Stands By Ohio State, Tressel

Ted Ginn Sr. has made Cleveland Glenville High School a pipeline for top talent to Ohio State. Despite some of the off-the-field issues with the program and former head coach Jim Tressel, Ginn remains close to Tressel and loyal to the program.

Normally a joyous occasion for Cleveland Glenville head coach Ted Ginn Sr., walking into Ohio Stadium this time was different.

"Coming into the stadium was tough," said Ginn while vigorously attempting to hold back tears when revisiting the emotion caused by the troubles Ohio State's football program went through during the summer months. "There are so many memories and good times for my kids, for the team, for this state. It is tough. The program has been good to my kids."

A devoted friend of former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, Ginn has sent 17 players from his program to the Buckeyes in the decade Tressel was serving as the university's head football coach.

When leading Glenville into Ohio Stadium before partaking in the Kirk Herbstreit National Kickoff Classic Sept. 5, it occurred to Ginn that the program has forever been altered by the changes in the recent months.

After presiding over perhaps the most successful 10-year period in the history of Ohio State football, Tressel was forced to resign May 30 after it was found that he had covered up NCAA violations committed by prominent players.

Though Tressel's actions were largely portrayed as self-serving – the Buckeyes' run toward a Big Ten title and a potential national championship berth would have been jeopardized had he come forward – those close to the former head coach feel as if his reasoning was more in the best interest of his players.

Ginn is one of those people who continue to hold that viewpoint.

"Tress was good to my kids," this time unable to hold back from becoming emotional. "We haven't really understood the impact that Coach Tress had on this state, in this world, on these children and in this program."

Ginn has become an instrumental piece to Ohio State's recruiting, as the Glenville pipeline has produced such players such as Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Troy Smith among countless others.

Ohio State currently has one verbal commit from Glenville in the 2012 recruiting class in De'Van Bogard, one of the top rated safeties in northern Ohio.

Though Tressel is no longer the head coach at Ohio State, Ginn vowed to remain loyal to the program under the direction of first-year head coach Luke Fickell.

"I think the greatest thing is that we still have that same program here with Luke now and all of them, it is family," Ginn said. "I don't want the university to overlook that because you can't (mess that up). When something is rolling, you can't allow it to die.

"Those people that are here now have been taught, the program hasn't changed. One man left, but he taught some soldiers to do it right and they're here. You have to put that in perspective because you can't change it."

Ginn, who still keeps in close contact with Tressel, said he is one of the people Ohio State's former head coach is responsible for positively influencing. Because of that, Ginn vowed to remain focused on the big picture with his athletes while keeping his allegiance to Ohio State's football program strong.

"That's a lifetime commitment, as long as I am living. This is Ohio State. That's never going to change," Ginn said. "All that weighs heavy on my mind when I walk into Ohio State and I see my son's picture on the wall.

"I remember those days and I remember what that meant to my family, my community, and to the state of Ohio."

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