Bank Blog: Buckeye Recruiting Update

It's about time to take another look at Ohio State's effort to recruit a top class for 2012. Although this has been mostly a year to forget for the Buckeyes, they are still trying to add recruits and salvage this class. Where do things stand today?

It certainly hasn't been the same-old, same-old for Ohio State this season, not on the field or in recruiting. Where do things stand currently for Ohio State in their attempt to put together a solid recruiting class for 2012?

Ohio State currently has 13 commits for the 2012 recruiting class, including Cardale Jones who is prepping at Fork Union. The last commit was Roger Lewis, back in early August. Who is in the mix to be in this class?

NUMBERS: There seemed to be tight numbers back in early 2011, and there were, but that is not a problem today. Ohio State could end up taking 18-20 prospects in this class.

Adolphus Washington: I've had him as IN for a few months now, and even the weekly off-field Buckeye scandals have not forced me to alter that call at all. Washington will take visits as planned, but in the end I still see him signing with Ohio State. The only variable would be the NCAA decimating the program, which at this time doesn't seem likely. But the day's not over yet.

Brionte Dunn: The up-and-down roller coaster ride was supposed to end in November, as Dunn was planning to enroll early at the school of choice. That was a HUGE advantage to Ohio State in their pursuit to keep him and sign him, but the Buckeyes will not be able to run out the clock on their rivals now, as he will sign in February. There are official visits coming after the season, and Dunn now has the time to take them all, rather than being pressed into a quick decision. I still have Ohio State as the leader in the clubhouse, but Michigan and Alabama are still out on the course with birdie opportunities.

Se'Von Pittman: The Michigan State commit visited Ohio State, which means he is still alive for the Buckeyes. The back-tracking spin about going to see high school teammate Steve Miller aside, this is a player Ohio State desperately wants and needs. At this point I see Pittman staying with Michigan State, but there is still time left on the clock in his recruitment. Stay tuned.

Dwayne Stanford: Does Washington's teammate have a commitable offer? Does he even like Ohio State? Will he look to be a package-deal with his friend? Let's cut to the chase: Stanford DOES have an offer, and he will be joining Washington at Ohio State. That's the bold prediction of the week.

Mike Thomas: The Fork Union wide receiver has visited Ohio State, and there are varying reports of an offer/no offer. In the end, I see Thomas returning to California and signing with UCLA.

Mason Monheim: The "Steamroller" is supposed to find out this week if Ohio State is going to offer. I believe they will be offering, and that Monheim will accept. Possibly in the same phone conversation.

Monty Madaris: Left Columbus without an offer last week, so right now he goes into the NO category. Not sure what Ohio State would be waiting for at this point after bringing him in for a visit, so he goes back in the Plan-B list.

Jordan Washington: The three-star Georgia defensive tackle will visit both Ohio State and Mississippi State, then decide between the two. The Buckeyes are at least 50-50 to land Washington, based on math alone.

Ifeadi Odenigbo: I do not see Ohio State landing the Centerville star, but he is a player you continue to recruit until he tells you to quit. Getting him to spend a weekend for an official visit might be Ohio State's only shot to woo the linebacker.

Bam Bradley: Tough one to call, and right now I would have Pittsburgh in the lead. Bradley received his offer last summer, after cancelling an appointment to meet with Luke Fickell. Since landing the offer he hasn't exactly taken up residence in Columbus and doesn't visit either. Still time left for Ohio State.

Jordan Diggs: Ohio State is still trying to recruit Diggs, but what was a near-lock in the spring is anything but that today. Nebraska probably leads, but like with Odenigbo, you keep recruiting Diggs until he doesn't answer. The unofficial visit was a TEN, and the hope is you can convince him to return for an official to recapture the magic.

Nick Davidson: No clue how the current mess at Ohio State will impact Davidson, a legacy recruit. The hope has to be to woo him on an official visit, and impress him that the program is heading in the right direction. Knowing who will be coaching him in college should be one of his top priorities, and hopefully Ohio State can answer that before Signing Day.

Jordan Diamond: Ohio State needs tackles, and they have been after this one for over a year. They need to get him on an official visit (SOUND FAMILIAR?) and show him why he needs to play college football at Ohio State. I do not see that as much of a possibility, but that is what the strategy needs to be.

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