OSU Could Go Either Way After Collapse At NU

Ohio State's collapse at Nebraska puts the Buckeyes squarely at a crossroads. Will the team rally or circle the drain? We have some thoughts on that as well as the regular weekly features: OSU-Illinois Tidbits, This Week In College Football History, news and notes from Around The Country and a Fearless Forecast coming off a perfect week.

It will be interesting to see where the Ohio State football team goes after its epic collapse at Nebraska because a game like the one the Buckeyes let slip away in Lincoln can put a team on one of two paths. It can become a rallying point or it can crush the very life out of you.

The 2002 national championship team used a 31-28 loss in the Outback Bowl at the end of the previous season as a rallying point. Same with the 1994 team that got taken to the woodshed at Penn State to the tune of a 63-14 shellacking. John Cooper's team that year responded with three straight victories to finish the regular season, including Coop's first win over Michigan as OSU head coach.

You can go as far back as the 1957 season when Woody Hayes' team was shocked by TCU in the season opener and used that loss as a pivot point to win its next nine games, including a Rose Bowl victory over Oregon, and capture the national championship.

No one believes the 2011 Buckeyes can rally to win the national championship, of course. Three losses pretty much puts an end to that discussion before it begins. But the fact remains Ohio State can not only be competitive, it can win more than its share of games during the back half of the season.

The promise of what kind of team the Buckeyes can be was on full display for 2½ quarters at Nebraska as OSU rolled out to a 27-6 lead. Not only were the Buckeyes winning the game, they were physically dominating the Cornhuskers as several NU players had to be helped off the field during the first half.

Despite some serious holes on both sides of the football, Ohio State has a lot of talent in a lot of places, and when things are clicking, the Buckeyes can be an exciting and efficient team.

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