Toledo Start recruits getting Division I looks

Start High School in Toledo has three recruits this year that are definitely worthy of Division I-A attention. LB Clevon Speigner, OL Rob Cameron, and WR Asante White are all getting looks from D-IA programs. Head Coach Pat Guiccardo talked about each player.

Toledo Start Coach Pat Guiccardo has high expectations for the upcoming football season. He has three bona fide Division I players in linebacker Clevon Speigner, offensive lineman Rob Cameron, and Asante White, one of the top wide receivers in Ohio. The outstanding on-field performance and academic achievement of these three players is drawing the attention of some of the top Division I programs in the country.

Ranked in the top 40 recruits in Ohio by Ohio's Future Stars Magazine, Clevon Speigner is drawing attention from Notre Dame, Indiana, Syracuse, and most programs in the Mid-American Conference.

"Some of the Clevon's attributes that coaches from these school are most impressed with are his size, speed, and aggressiveness at the linebacker position," explains Coach Guiccardo.

At 6'2", 235 pounds with a 4.7 forty, Coach Guiccardo feels that Clevon could play inside or outside linebacker at the next level and possibly defensive end lined up against some big tight ends. Clevon works out every day and is the perfect size for a high school linebacker, according to his coach. When asked whether Clevon would prefer to start for a Division II or III program as opposed to walking on a top Division I program, Coach Guiccardo explains, "Clevon is a Division I player and this situation will not play a role in his decision, unless, God-forbid, he suffers an injury this year."

Following Coach Guiccardo's advice, Clevon will camp at Ohio State and Michigan this summer since the locality of these schools will promote maximum exposure.

Rob Cameron is catching the eyes of coaches from the entire Mid-American Conference, Stanford, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Michigan, and Indiana. Even though he has camped at Ohio State the past two years, Rob is not hearing a lot from Ohio State. However, this could change after he camps there this summer for the third time. Ranked 44 in Ohio's Future Stars Magazine, Rob weighs in at 255, but plays about 265 – 270, according to Coach Guiccardo. He plays basketball in the off-season to improve on his footwork for football, so naturally his weight drops in the off-season. However, both Rob and Coach Guiccardo feel that 280 is an attainable goal by the first snap of the 2003-2004 season.

"This weight is specifically for recruiting purposes. The first three games of the season are the most crucial in terms of recruiting because these are the games the coaches are going to see first," explains Coach Guiccardo.

Rob has great feet, runs well, is easily coached, and, despite a small wingspan, could remain at the tackle position at the college level because of his feet. Rob also performs well in the classroom with a 3.1 GPA.

"I have coached receivers for over ten years, and I played at Bowling Green, and Asante is one of the best receivers I have ever seen," explains Coach Guiccardo, "Next to Fred Davis from Toledo Rogers, Asante is the best receiver in the Ohio."

Asante White has really good hands and produces after the catch. He is lightning quick and rarely drops a pass thrown his way. Asante is getting looks from all Mid-American Conference programs, Indiana, Georgetown, Stanford, and in Coach Guiccardo's opinion, has the ability to play at Miami (FL), USC, or Florida. To be successful as a Division I player, Asante is going to have to get bigger, but the talent and ability is there. With a 3.4 GPA and a 22 ACT score, Asante does not fall short academically either.

While none of Coach Guiccardo's stars know for sure yet which programs they like the best, he is pleased with the way they are approaching the recruiting process. Coach Guiccardo explains, "Clevon, Rob, and Asante are all happy to be getting the attention of schools of this caliber. They do a nice job when the recruiters come in because they treat every program as if it is their first choice. This way, they are not limiting themselves or burning any bridges. The recruiters will keep coming back and it keeps their options open."

Football fans can look forward to big seasons out of Toledo Start's big three stars. With the attention these players are getting from major college programs, Clevon Speigner, Rob Cameron, and Asante White are three names to watch in the coming years to become successful Division I football players.

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