Cus Words: Get In The Ring

A wild game between two of the Big Ten's best highlighted a week without an Ohio State game. Now the Buckeyes get their chance to prove if they deserve to be back in the discussion for the conference title. We look at that and much more in this week's column.

The No. 1 lesson of an open week for the Ohio State football team? The Buckeyes are still in the Big Ten race but need to have gotten a lot accomplished in the past two week for that to remain true on Nov. 1.

Also: Wisconsin and Michigan State are both very good teams, but neither is elite. 

The Badgers went on the road to face a ranked opponent and lost because of a series of unfortunate events. Safety, blocked field goal, blocked punt for a touchdown, Hail Mary touchdown pass – that's a lot to overcome in one night, but it very nearly happened. 

We take a look back at that game and peer forward into the coming clash between Ohio State and Wisconsin in this week's Cus Words column.

Also check it out for television suggestions, conference rankings and picks for this week's games.

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