Penn State, Paterno Share Blame, Shame

While some Penn State officials lawyer up, longtime head coach Joe Paterno feigns ignorance of the deplorable acts committed by longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky. It is an unseemly black mark against the university, one in which every one of the principal players should pay for with their jobs.

Shock and disgust don't come close to describing the feeling one gets from reading the details of a grand jury investigation of alleged child molestation charges against former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Horrifying might be a better word, and even that doesn't even seem able to describe the vile atrocities Sandusky supposedly perpetrated upon a number of helpless young victims over a period of several years.

For longer than I care to remember, we have been subjected to one stain after another in the world of college athletics. SMU got the so-called death penalty in 1987, USC is currently wading through sanctions levied in the wake of the Reggie Bush play-for-pay affair, and Ohio State is presently taking its turn in the NCAA meat grinder following a memorabilia-for-tattoos/cash scandal that threatened to turn the program upside down and cost head coach Jim Tressel his job and his legacy.

But none of those black marks, no matter how you perceive them, rises to level of what went on at Penn State. After reading the indictments against Sandusky, one is left with the impression that while his superiors likely did not condone his actions, they certainly did nothing to stop them.

For that reason and that reason alone, Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and university senior vice president of finances and business Gary Schultz should not have been allowed to step down in order to fight the charges of perjury leveled against them. They should have been summarily fired along with Penn State president Graham Spanier.

The contract of longtime head coach Joe Paterno should be immediately nullified as well.

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