Recruiting Update - Brad Bury

Brad Bury is a big fullback from Marion Harding who is catching the eye of many college coaches. We recently caught up with the Harding head coach to find out more about Brad and the latest on his recruitment.

Ohio has a few big and bruising fullbacks this year, and one of the biggest is Marion Harding's Brad Bury. We talked to Harding head coach Tim Hinton, and he reports that plenty of schools are interested, including OSU.

"Right now, we have no offers on the board, but I truly -- in my years experience -- believe he's going to be an offer kid," said the coach. "We've had some great schools in - BC, OSU; I know Michigan's coming in; Maryland is coming in, several if the Ivys, all of the MAC, Oklahoma State has sent stuff, UC... He's going to be an offer kid, no question in my mind."

What schools are recruiting him the hardest?

"Indiana and Maryland would probably be the top right now, but Ohio State liked him a lot more than they thought they were going to," Coach Hinton said. "We'll see what happens at camp this summer."

OSU's camp may be the only one Brad attends.

"At this point I don't see him going to other camps," Coach Hinton said. "Maybe Indiana's, but I don't know… I don't think so."

Brad racked up 94 tackles at LB last year, but most schools are looking at him as a fullback.

"To be honest with you, I'm not sure what he's going to play," Coach Hinton said. "I really see him more as a two-back fullback guy, so there's not a lot of schools that run that anymore. That kind of limits it a little bit. You got to be a team that likes him as an I-pro guy. We have some looking at him as a LB, and they're welcome to recruit him where they want to recruit him. But most of them are there for an I-Pro… if you're not an I-Pro football team or a two-back football team, you're probably not going to come in and recruit him."

Brad measures in at 6-1, 242 and has a 32-inch vertical. Coach Hinton reports Brad's bench at 315 and his squat at about 500. "He's a solid kid," the coach said. "When he walks in the door, he's one of those kids who catches your eye."

Coach Hinton says that if Brad is coming at you, be prepared to take a hit.

"He's a very hard player," the coach said. "He plays the game very physical. When he gets to you, you better be ready for contact. Some guys will run real hard and kind of cringe at the last minute… he's not one of those guys. He's a very hard, run-through-your-chin type of guy and he's a very physical player. That's probably his best strengths."

What schools are Brad interested in right now?

"He has a brother who's a long snapper at Michigan State," Coach Hinton said. "I would assume that he would like to remain in the Big Ten based on that part of it because being able to help his mom and dad out and get them to games. Of course, Michigan State runs no two-backs so he's not a viable option for them. But at the same token, I know he was very high on Maryland. We already have a player out there anyway, so I know that's something he'd be very comfortable with."

Brad Bury is also doing some long snapping as he mans that position for Harding. Can he long snap at the D-IA level as well?

"I don't know," Coach Hinton said. "His brother is doing that now, but that was really his brother's real concentration whereas Brad is more of a player guy. It makes him a very valuable recruit and that's one of the reasons they like to recruit him."

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