Cus Words: No Early Wake-up Call

Noon games are notorious for bringing out some of the worst in young football teams, but that was not the only factor at work as the Buckeyes downed Indiana last week. We look back at what went wrong and ahead to what needs to improve in this week's Cus Words column.

Despite what some might try to tell you about every game mattering in college football, they are not all created the same.

Not every game is a scintillating prime-time affair against a team you owe some serious payback. The visit from Indiana had a classic trap game feel as the Buckeyes can't be blamed too much for being more interested in looking back at their two best wins of the year and ahead to the tougher games left on the schedule as they start to believe they can earn a Big Ten championship game berth and a shot at another big-money bowl game.

That does not mean there were no red flags raised in Ohio State's 34-20 defeat of the Hoosiers, however.

Read more in this week's Cus Words Column.

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