Cus Words: How Blue Can You Get?

One week is left in an Ohio State football regular season unlike one anyone has seen in quite a while. We take a look at what might have been lacking the past couple of weeks and a glance ahead at what is waiting for the Buckeyes as they close out the campaign in Ann Arbor.

Sometimes winning a football game is a matter of making one more play, but often attrition and guts matter in making the margin so close to begin with. Ohio State has not had the latter two on its side much this season.

Maybe as far as mental energy goes, it's not a lack overall. Maybe they've just had to use so much to stick together they haven't had enough to put toward that whole thing they came to do here on Saturdays in the first place.

We look explore that and look ahead to the 108th edition of the Ohio State-Michigan game while wondering what differences we might see with new coaches on each sideline.

Check it all out in this week's column at the Cus Words Blog.

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