Upper Arlington has two more set for D-IA

There are several players from Upper Arlington who are currently on the OSU roster. Could QB Mike Maciejowski and RB Clayton Hall be possibilities?

Upper Arlington High School has sent their share of players to Ohio State lately. Players from UA have both signed on as scholarship players (Simon Fraser, Tim Schafer, Jesse Kline) and have also come aboard as walk-ons (Mike Stafford, Joe Bradley, Tucker Allen). This year, there are at least two more players who are Division I-A prospects at Upper Arlington – QB Mike Maciejowski and RB Clayton Hall.

We caught up with UA head coach Darrell Mayne, and he said the interest is getting real heavy when it comes to Mike Maciejowski.

"A lot of people are in talking to us, getting more film, getting back to campus again when recruiting is over and getting with the coordinators and quarterback coaches and whatever," he said. "Mike is planning right now on going to a number of schools this summer on one-day visits to camps: Boston College, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky. So there's been a lot of interest."

Mike has at least one offer so far with more to come.

"There's one offer right now from Akron, and there are several others right now that are pending," Coach Mayne said. "The people who talked to us said they wouldn't know for sure until next week which will be the week of June the 2nd." Note: Mike reported that Minnesota offered shortly after we had the conversation with Coach Mayne.

Do any schools in particular stand out as recruiting Mike the hardest?

"I think this has been a consistent effort from a lot of different schools," Coach Mayne said. "It's always hard to tell during the time that they are in the building exactly what the status is going to be because in many cases the recruiter is not the position coach, so the recruiter is going off of information, and they come in and try to fill in details. But typically you don't get an immediate response until they get back to campus and get off the road start talking to the head coach and recruiting coordinators, and in Mike's case, specifically the quarterback coach. There's been a lot of interest from a lot of schools. That's a nice thing to see for Mike."

Mike had about 1800 yards passing with 19 TDs and 6 INTs in his junior season. Coach Mayne says the 6-3 ½, 208 pound Maciejowski is a tremendous playmaker for the Golden Bears.

"He's for the most part pretty unflappable," Mayne said. "He's very cool under fire, very cool under pressure. He certainly has a lot of intestinal fortitude. He doesn't get intimidated very easily. He throws a great long ball… He ‘s like the 20-foot jumper in basketball -- he just has an eye for it, just a feel for where it has to go in. He really can throw all ranges and all types of footballs. He can throw the soft touch, he can drill it in; there's a lot of different things he can do.

"He runs a 4.6 40, so he can break out of the pocket and do some damage. We don't look at him as a runner, but he's not afraid to run. We had a number of big plays this year where it was going to be a coverage sack but he converted it into a 40-50 yard play. He's a playmaker. He can make things happen."

Another player who was emerging as a playmaker last year but had to fight through some injury problems is RB Clayton Hall.

"He had some fluke injuries in his junior year, so the people looking at Clayton are obviously going to have to wait until his senior year to see how he's going to fare," Coach Mayne said. "He started as the number one TB in his junior year and rushed for about 170 yards and three TDs. He had a strong start then had a couple injuries. Then we had another young man step up a TB, so we moved Clayton to WR. So he was a WR/DB for us last year, but this year he really wants to get back to the backfield. His numbers are good; he's about 6-1, 195 pounds. We test next week, but we expect him to test at a 4.4 hand-held. He'll be about 300, 325 bench with 425 squat with probably about a 33-inch vertical. So he has the numbers. He definitely has the numbers."

Where will Clayton be camping this summer?

"I'm assuming he'll probably be at the Ohio State camp," Coach Mayne said. "He'll probably be at the Michigan camp. I think he's also going to Boston College and might be going to Notre Dame too."

Clayton Hall will be out to get noticed this summer, but Coach Mayne thinks Clayton has what it takes.

"He has all the physical tools to play at the scholarship level," Coach said. "When you're 6, 6-1 195 pounds, run a 4.4, great ability to explode, great vision, can catch a ball coming out of the backfield, tremendous burst and acceleration… he has all the physical tools necessary to compete in college. Without a question, he has all the physical tools."

Are there any schools these two players would like to hear more from?

"That's kind of a hard thing to answer," Coach Mayne said. "Right now, from Mike's standpoint, when you've got a number of Big Ten schools who are looking at you, plus Notre Dame, plus Boston College, plus Kentucky, plus Louisville, that's pretty good interest. I suppose every kid would like to have more interest from The Ohio State University, but I don't know that any of our kids are locked into saying they just definitely have to go Ohio State. I think they are open to what's available and the interest being shown them by out-of-state schools. Obviously they're going to be looking at the camps this summer and see how they do and letting the schools look at them and letting them looking at the schools. Mike in particular has certainly got a lot of big name schools looking at him."

As Duane Long likes to say, camps will tell the tale.

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