Buckeyes Excited For Upcoming Meyer Era

Those members of the Ohio State football team who will return next season are excited about what's to come under Urban Meyer. While several of those players will be playing for their third coach in as many years, enthusiasm is high for the Meyer era.

It would have been understandable if players like Jack Mewhort were perhaps a little frustrated with the fact that they'll have their third head coach at Ohio State in as many years.

Mewhort, on the other hand, thinks it's "kind of cool."

"I get to play for Jim Tressel, I get to play for Luke Fickell and I get to play for Coach Urban Meyer," the redshirt sophomore left guard said. "I think that's awesome."

The Buckeyes will be starting over with a new head coach after the Gator Bowl battle Jan. 2 against Florida. While that could be a draining prospect after the tumultuous 2011 calendar year Ohio State has endured, one that resulted in Tressel's resignation and a subsequent 6-6 season, the Buckeyes are excited to start the next chapter of Ohio State football.

Mehwort admitted that he feels for the members of Fickell's coaching staff that likely won't be back for the 2012 season, men like Mewhort's offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Jim Bollman. Still, Mewhort knows that Ohio State will endure and thrive.

"One thing that always gets said around here is that Ohio State is bigger than one person, one coach or one player," he said. "No matter what I'm here and it'll still be Ohio State. I'm proud to have that block-O on my chest. We're looking forward to getting back to the top."

Mewhort and the rest of the Buckeyes have had limited interactions with their soon-to-be head coach. Meyer has been blazing the recruiting trail while his future team has been preparing to battle the Gators in Jacksonville. Even so, Mewhort and his teammates said Meyer has made a good first impression.

"I haven't been around Coach Meyer a lot," Mewhort said. "but something that he and Coach Tress have in common is that they're both very, very well respected. You see them in the hallway and you straighten up because you know what they've done. You know what they've been through and what they've accomplished. You show them a lot of respect, as we do Coach Fickell too.

But knowing what Coach Meyer's done, when he walks into a room you sit up and you make sure you listen to him. That's the same way with Coach Tress."

Junior Zach Boren noticed something about Meyer right away when they first met on the day Meyer was announced as the new head coach.

"He's an intense guy," Boren said. "That's the first thing that I thought of when he came in and talked to us. He said he expects the best out of us each and every day and he's going to push us to the fullest."

Added junior defensive lineman John Simon: "He's very enthusiastic about what he does and very excited to be here. He feels it's an honor to coach for the Ohio State University and we're excited to play for him."

Boren said Tressel and Meyer are not the same type of coach but they do have some key parallelisms.

"They are different, but to be a great coach you have to have some similarities," he said. "Coach Tressel pushed his players in the class room, on the field and off the field with different things. Coach Meyer does the same exact thing. They just do it two completely different ways. I think they have the same morals. They just have different philosophies about how to do it."

So how are they different?

"You know Coach Tressel," Boren said. "He's laid back and gets his point across without any screaming or yelling or whatever. Coach Meyer, I'm not saying he's a screamer or yeller because I haven't been around him when he's coaching like that, but you can tell he's intense. You better get this job done and you better go to class or you're going to be paying for it."

Preparations for the Gator Bowl are well underway for the Buckeyes, and several of the Buckeyes talked about how well they were coming along. More than once a player would mention how this bowl prep was the best they've been a part of. That can only mean good things for the future.

"We're ready to move on. Ohio State is ready to move on," Mewhort said. "We're ready to win a lot of games next year."

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