Florida OL interested in Big Ten

Boca Raton lineman Grant DeBenedictis recently contacted us to let us know of his interest in OSU, and Duane Long talked to him to find out more.

A player to keep an eye on this year is Florida OL Grant DeBenedictis. Grant hails from Boca Raton, where he attends St. Andrews school ("We play an independent schedule. There are only 500 students in our school," he said) and does a whole bunch of things besides football. In addition to being the goalkeeper for the school's soccer team ("We made it to the regional playoffs," he said), Grant was district champ in shot put, and he also says he plays eight instruments. All that activity hasn't prevented him from excelling in the classroom, where he said he has posted great marks, including a 31 ACT and a 1370 SAT. Grant is interested in some Big Ten schools, one of which is Ohio State. The Buckeyes are interested in him as well.

"I play guard, but Coach Conley says they want me as a tackle," Grant said. "They said If I come up to camp, they would probably offer."

Grant will be camping mostly in the Big Ten region this summer.

"I'm camping at USC for three days; Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Michigan for four days; and Ohio State for one day camp," he said. "All of them have said they would probably offer at camp."

He currently lists those five as his top five. Does he have a leader?

"It was Michigan, but with Ohio State paying attention, it's kind of even," he said.

"I am really flattered that the school that just won the national championship is talking about offering me a scholarship."

Grant stands in at 6-6, 275 and said that he ran a 5.03 40 on Monday. So far, Central Florida is the lone offer. One of the reasons he is interested in going to school in this area is his roots.

"I was born in the Detroit area and lived there until the age of five," he said.

He is also familiar with Columbus.

"I've been to Columbus a number of times for the Memorial Tournament. My dad was a PGA tour scorekeeper," he said.

He's already taken unofficial visits to Michigan, USC, UCLA, and Stanford. His brother is currently at West Point. Not surprisingly, academics are going to play a big role in his choice.

"I want to major in chemical engineering," he said. "Academics are going to be very important and being comfortable with the coaches. I am going to be spending four or five years with them."

When will a decision come?

"I am thinking I want to get it over with," he said. "I am planning on using the week after the camps to decide where I want to go."

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