Recruiting Update - Edwin Hood

Toledo Whitmer RB Edwin Hood is one of Toledo's top five players this year. We caught up with his coach to find out more about this OFS Top 100 player.

Tailback Edwin Hood has been the driving force for the Toledo Whitmer (OH) offense for the past two seasons, and there is no sign of him slowing down.

"He has great vision of the hole, getting through the crease, and when he does break through, there are not many that have caught him," describes Toledo Whitmer head coach Dan Fought; "he can deliver a good punch when there is nothing there. Edwin has been real durable for us the past two years."

Hood has been the focus of many college coaches and recruiters. Although he has not received any official offers yet, all the schools in the Mid-American Conference have taken interest with the University of Toledo being the frontrunner. West Virginia has contacted him and Pittsburgh has "struck his fancy" as well, where he will camp this summer.

Hood is just excited to be receiving the attention he is getting, and is happy to have the opportunity to have all these schools look at him. According to Coach Fought, the recruitment process has not sunk in with him yet because he is busy with track season, and it is difficult to explain the process to high school players, in general, once it starts.

At 5'10", 195 pounds, Hood may lack the size he needs to become a back at a major Division I program, but for what Hood lacks in size, he makes up for in talent and ability. As mentioned before, he has great vision, in addition to good balance, and a short stride that enables him to make the cuts that many other players can't make.

"Bigger schools want a back in the 6'0" to 6'3" / 220 – 250 pound range because backs have to take on DE's that are much bigger at the higher levels, and you have LB's shooting the gaps," explains Coach Fought. "If he ends up at a program like Pitt, it will take a year or two before he adjusts to the game at that level, but if he ends up in the MAC, he already has the vision and the proper method of attack. Either way, I think he will do fine because it is the players that make things happen, and he is one of those players," as Coach Fought further explains.

In addition to working on his speed with the track team, Hood is also working on improving his hands. Coach Fought believes that Hood could be a more dangerous back if he can catch the ball out of the backfield and get up the field effectively. "We hand him the ball so much that he really has not had the chance to work on his hands, so this is something we are working on with him," say Coach Fought.

Look forward to hearing more about Edwin Hood as camp season is rapidly approaching and expect a big season from the speedy tailback from Toledo Whitmer in the fall.

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