BANK Blog: Weekly Roundup Part-II

Ohio State's recruiting efforts to fill the class of 2012 has been a blur of activity since Urban Meyer left the press conference announcing his hiring. The Buckeyes are hosting four top prospects this weekend, and the visit by Taylor Decker (pictured) was certainly surprising. Activity will continue almost daily right up to National Signing Day.

The weekly BANK Blog could almost stand to be updated on an hourly basis, as Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is working his magic at warp speed heading to the finish line.

Let's update the prospect list at this time, checking to see where things stand heading into this weekend's activity. What is there to look forward to, especially when it seems you need a scorecard to identify all the players?

Taylor Decker: The Notre Dame commit is on campus as this is being written, and it is an official visit. Decker and his family get an evening with Urban on Friday, and then spends the rest of the weekend with the staff and players. OUTLOOK: Probable Buckeye.

Joey O'Connor: Another official visitor that was scheduled to arrive Friday. This one is worth watching because of the desperate need on the offensive line. O'Connor arrived in Columbus without an offer, but will commit if one is extended. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

Davonte' Neal: Another official visitor, although at this time there is no confirmation of his arrival. Neal fills the need for speed at Ohio State, and will be a huge target for Meyer. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

David Perkins: One more official visitor, and his arrival has been confirmed. Perkins could fill a huge need at Ohio State if he will agree to play linebacker for the Buckeyes, and give up the tailback dream. There is some doubt over whether he truly holds a commitable offer or not. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

Camren Williams: The Roxbury star linebacker will not only be making his second trip to Ohio State in the past month, but will be bringing a highly-rated teammate with him. Williams is scheduled to also visit Penn State the last weekend before Signing Day. OUTLOOK: Probable Buckeye.

Armani Reeves: Teammate of Camren Williams, and a four-star cornerback recruit. The Penn State commit is at Michigan on an official presently, then will come to Ohio State with Williams next week. It's hard to imagine these two at different schools going forward, although package deals rarely work out. OUTLOOK: Probable Buckeye.

Jameis Winston: Visiting Stanford currently, and is scheduled to return to Ohio State next weekend. A cancellation would not be shocking, but as long as Winston is interested, Ohio State is interested. Let's see if he shows. OUTLOOK: Highly unlikely Buckeye.

Dalton Santos: The Tennessee commit will be in Knoxville this weekend, and it will be interesting to see if he reaffirms to the Vols and ends his recruitment. If Ohio State hasn't landed two linebackers by the final weekend, and Santos is still open, I make Ohio State the favorite. No offer yet. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

Jamal Marcus: Scheduled to visit Ohio State next weekend, and I will believe that when he lands in Columbus. This one is trending away from Ohio State, but you never know if he shows up. OUTLOOK: Unlikely Buckeye.

Kyle Dodson: The Wisconsin commit will not be heading to Madison in all likelihood, so this could come down to Ohio State, Auburn and USC, where he is currently visiting. The Buckeyes feel good about their chances. OUTLOOK: Probable Buckeye.

Jordan Diamond: This one should roll on into Signing Day, and anyone's guess should be looked at as exactly that, a guess. The upside is he has to sign with someone, and Meyer has won these in the past. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

Demetrious Cox: Ohio State postponing the visit means it's time to call in the dogs and pee on the fire. This hunt is over. OUTLOOK: Unlikely Buckeye.

Bam Bradley: Still very much in the picture, but if Stanford can get him in, it's hard to begrudge a player going there. Hard to get a read on Bam, but he's a great kid and a solid student. OUTLOOK: Possible Buckeye.

There could be new names added in the next few days, but for now, this is about as up-to-date list as one can provide.

I know Meyer stated he had room for four or five more prospects, but I could see them taking as many as seven more if the right players want in.

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