BANK Blog: Saturday Morning Update

Day-One is in the books for Ohio State's big recruiting weekend. Who made it to campus? Anything new to report? Let's take a quick look and update the visit information on Saturday morning. David Perkins (pictured), Davonte' Neal, Joey O'Connor and Taylor Decker were expected on campus.

This weekend is setting up to be a big one for Ohio State and head coach Urban Meyer. There were four highly-rated targets expected on campus, and it appears all have checked in.

Here are a few recruiting notes of interest on Saturday morning:

1- I definitely see Taylor Decker flipping to Ohio State, but not sure how he will handle it with the media. Great kid from a military family, and this is a huge step for him. In the end, I see it all working out, but I'm not sure when this all goes down.

2- Davonte' Neal is in Columbus and definitely on his visit. There was some question whether he made it in or not. He is there.

3- As of last night Dalton Santos was not at Tennessee for his official. He lives in Texas and could be flying there today for his official. He might be taking a Saturday-Monday trip with the holiday upcoming, and I'm digging into this one a little more.

4- David Perkins is similar to Jordan Diamond in that he loves the twitter game. He is different from Diamond in the sense of whether OSU will take him or not. This visit was far more about Ohio State sizing up David, not the other way around. The former Notre Dame coaches on the staff know David well, and can probably explain to Urban what went wrong with Notre Dame and David. In the end, this is Meyer and Perkins one-on-one and Urban can win this one if he wants to.

5- No clue yet whether Joey O'Connor has been offered. I think he is the opposite of Perkins, in that character and attitude are A+, but they might need to see him up close to pass the look test. He did not have an offer coming to Columbus, but I'm guessing he gets one and takes it in the next 24 hours. I think he's a project and playing in the triple option there's no other way to look at it. But he has the frame, the attitude and the skill set to succeed. I would take him over the past 2 groups of O-linemen with the exception of Brian Bobek. O'Connor fits the bill of a kid you would take a shot with, because he has a lot of what Urban looks for in a lineman, moreso than Tommy Brown or Chris Carter. And that's not to say Brown and/or Carter cannot succeed in a Meyer offense, but they will need to re-shape their bodies and get better.

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