BANK Blog: Urban Arithmetic

Ohio State will be mandated by the NCAA to be at 82 players on scholarship by the fall of 2012. How will these reductions affect the current Ohio State recruiting class? Let's look at numbers.

Now that Urban Meyer and Ohio State are landing commitments on a weekly basis, it's probably time to address the number's situation for the Buckeyes.

Let's take a look at how the numbers stack up with the recent commitment of David Perkins. Is there room to add more top-flight prospects?


There have been recent defections from the program, as players such as Taylor Graham, Jeremy Cash, Dominic Clarke and DerJuan Gambrell are no longer part of the program. Obviously, each player departing opens up another spot, and there will be more attrition coming.

With the dismissals of Clarke and Gambrell, questions arise of whether players are being purged from the program to create space. Judging from Ohio State's recent NCAA issues and each player's offenses, that answer would be "NO." Combine that with Meyer's distaste for what went on at Florida from a discipline standpoint, and the fact that he has met and discussed what is expected from team members at Ohio State, and it's apparent these players dismissed themselves.

There will be more players leaving the program, and that is natural with any coaching change. A few have made their intentions known privately, and there is another discipline matter under review. Jaamal Berry should see his situation clarified soon, and there isn't much optimism he will survive. Berry's matter should be in the hands of Ohio State, and not Meyer, and a decision is expected in the near future.


As mentioned earlier, Ohio State will have to be at 82 on scholarship by fall camp, and they currently have 22 commitments for the 2012 recruiting class. How many more can they take?

Ohio State should easily be able to add six more prospects, should they desire to do so. What position groups would be in the mix?

OFFENSIVE LINE: Already on the way to being shored up with additions of Taylor Decker and Joey O'Connor. Ohio State would like to add one more, and that should be Kyle Dodson, although Jordan Diamond is in the picture. Could Ohio State add both, if they were fortunate enough to receive commitments from both? Tough question, but probably "YES."

LINEBACKER: This was another area of concern, and the commitment of Perkins is a great start. Add in the likelihood of Camren Williams switching to the Buckeyes, and possibly landing Jamal Marcus, and the position is now a strength. They will take three, if it comes to that. Dalton Santos is a fall-back candidate, as they cannot take four.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Suddenly becoming a concern from a depth perspective. Would they take three, or is two more realistic? Armani Reeves is high on the priority list, and will be on campus Wednesday. The connection with Williams cannot be ignored, and the downside is both players will take their last visit to Penn State the weekend before National Signing Day. They will have to hold two spots for the Massachusetts duo, so this gets tricky.

There are two players at safety, Demetrious Cox and Bam Bradley, that are hard to read. I do not see Bradley in this class, but I also saw Cox as eliminated when they canceled his visit and that was incorrect. Cox is visiting this coming weekend, and you have to think Urban will make a strong push. They should be able to land one of these two, more likely Cox.

WIDE RECEIVER: They would like one more, but it's not a necessity, but rather a luxury. Davonte' Neal is the target, and it's hard to predict what is happening there. He has visited, but did not commit, so that one is up in the air. Joel Caleb is still alive, but on life support, and I'm not optimistic he ends up in this class.

FINAL NUMBERS: This is a dangerous game, because new names could pop up tomorrow, and make this guess inoperable rather quickly. Let's be bold, and give it a shot anyway. Assuming they can backdate a few of the early enrollees to 2011, here's how I see the numbers shaking out:

There are 22 commits currently, including David Perkins. Let's guess that they do add six more to this group. Who would the final six be, understanding this is more guess than inside knowledge?

Camren Williams. Armani Reeves. Kyle Dodson. Davonte' Neal. Demetrious Cox. Jamal Marcus.

FINAL NATIONAL CLASS RANK: How about Ohio State finishes ranked at number-three nationally, when the final numbers are tabulated? Maybe not a "Take It To The Bank" prediction, but closer to an educated guess, but it is fun to guess!

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