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How has Urban Meyer addressed the needs of Ohio State in the 2012 recruiting class? In seven weeks, Meyer has done an amazing recruiting job, and he's nowhere near done yet. What should Ohio State fans look for down the stretch?

How has Urban Meyer addressed the Ohio State needs in this recruiting class? Meyer has been rolling at breakneck speed since being hired in late November.

QUARTERBACK: Now that the Jameis Winston issue is dead, look for Ohio State to concentrate on the quarterback position next year, possibly taking two.

TAILBACK: Already have two of the best in America locked up in Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball, so no need at all.

WIDE RECEIVER: Davonte' Neal is still in the picture, and Joel Caleb still has a heartbeat. Could a surprise name pop up in the last week? Would not surprise me at all. Doesn't appear that Ohio State is satisfied with the four currently committed, although bringing in five wide receivers is a lot for one position group.

TIGHT END: Blake Thomas is it.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The most glaring weakness on the team has been addressed nicely by Meyer in the past week by adding Joey O'Connor and Taylor Decker. That Ohio State would still take two more speaks to the lack of returning quality and quantity. Kyle Dodson is still very much in the picture, and I wouldn't rule out Jordan Diamond just yet. Urban Meyer has won those battles in the past.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Meyer went out and landed Se'Von Pittman, Tommy Schutt, Noah Spence, to go with Adolphus Washington. That takes care of that need, with three five-stars and a high four-star, thank you very much. Block-O, Part-II.

LINEBACKER: Another huge need, and one that is in the process of being nicely filled. David Perkins is a big, fast athlete, and a player that can bring more speed to a plodding unit. There will be more speed coming, with Camren Williams now in the fold. Jamal Marcus is a player they would DEFINITELY take alongside Perkins and Williams. There is room for all three.

CORNERBACK: The departures of Dominic Clarke and DerJuan Gambrell certainly hurts depth, but Najee Murray can certainly play there in a backup role next season. Murray could also play safety at Ohio State, and is versatile enough to do both. Armani Reeves is certainly very much in the picture, and I am fairly certain I see him going with Camren Williams. Cornerback depth will certainly be addressed in the 2013 class, with Cameron Burrows in the bag, and Caleb Day and Eli Woodard on the verge of coming aboard.

SAFETY: The loss of Jeremy Cash could be offset by landing either Bam Bradley or Demetrious Cox. Of the two, I see Cox as a strong possibility, especially after a Meyer school visit and subsequent official visit this weekend by the player. Bradley was set to commit to Ohio State at the Semper Fi Bowl, but something changed and it isn't good for the Buckeyes. Tyvis Powell and Devan Bogard will also be in the class, with both being probable contributors down the line.

SPECIAL TEAM: Probably need to address the punting situation down the road, and they can check out Frank Epitropoulos all of next season to determine if he's the guy they need. Kicker will also need to be addressed, but not in this class.

FINAL ADDS: I still see five more being added to this class. Will go with Jamal Marcus, Kyle Dodson, Armani Reeves, Demetrious Cox, and one of the wideouts. Either Neal, Caleb or a name we aren't aware of currently.

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