Unofficial camper list

Who's camping this year? We start to compile a list today.

OSU football camps are coming up... who will be camping?  We don't have a complete answer to that question, but we have a start today.  We went through database and compiled a list of names who all have at one point mentioned camping at Ohio State this year.  This list is incomplete as there will surely be more players, and it is also unofficial as some of these players may or may not be there.  Click on a name for more on the player:

QB Darryl Clark
QB Brian Hoyer
QB Mike Maciejowski
QB David Wess
RB Adele Givens
RB Delbert Ferguson
RB Jimmy Calhoun
RB Ray Williams
FB Kyle Clark
FB Brad Bury
RB Gary Russell
RB Brock Bolen
RB Clayton Hall
RB Quincy Freeman (VA)
RB Pernell Williams
RB Erik Haw
WR Fred Davis
WR Trumaine Smith
WR Brandon Barrett (?) (WV)
WR Nick Moore
OL Brady Pisano
OL John Long
OL Ryan Stanchek
OL Grant DeBenedictis (FL)
OL Rob Cameron
OL Gerald Cadogan
OL Steve Rehring
OL Chase Clowser
DT Frank Morton (?) (GA)
DT Nick Smith
DT Jeff Browning
DE Diyral Briggs
DE Nii Adjei Oninku
DE Charlie Wanyek
LB Clevon Speigner
LB Brouce Mompremier (FL)
LB Javier Estopinan (FL)
LB Marcus Freeman
LB Dionte' Johnson
LB Vernon Wilder (FL)
LB Tedd Bullock
LB Bob Miller
LB Anton Narinskiy
S Tyjuan Jones
S Zach Logan
S Nick Patterson (MO)
CB Ted Ginn
CB Brandon Wamsley
CB Brandon Underwood
CB Tony Howard
K Jason Giannini

Also said to be stopping by campus:

QB Anthony Morelli (PA)
OL Brett Gallimore (MO)
OL Jeff Byers (CO)
OL Kyle Mitchum (PA)


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