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Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is done basking in the glow of landing a highly-ranked recruiting class for 2012, and is now fully concentrating on his next class. Ohio State has four commitments currently, and will be looking to be selective going forward. Who is in the mix for the remaining spots?

How will Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer look to land another top-ranked recruiting class for 2013? Who are the candidates to fill out this class?

For speculation purposes, let's use 20 as the final number, knowing full well that could change as time passes. There are four players currently committed.

QUARTERBACK: Probably the most important position considering the lack of quality depth. PROJECTION: TWO.

In-state: Malik Zaire. Mitch Trubisky. TraVon Chapman. Brogan Roback.

SUMMARY: Hard to believe any of the in-state options would have commitments accepted before throwing in camp. Trubisky and Zaire have offers, but both might need to be seen in person. There are also several out of state options, and it will be interesting to see who visits.

TAILBACK: Not a position of great need, but there could be a duplication of talent on the current roster. PROJECTION: TWO.

In-state: DeVeon Smith is the horse of the Ohio runners, and a possible five-star talent. Aregeros Turner could be a change-of-pace, speed option.

SUMMARY: There will be no shortage of out-of-state options, including Derrick Green. Look for Ohio State to push for Smith and then look outside the border.

WIDE RECEIVER: No secret Meyer was not enamored with the ones committed before he took over. PROJECTION: THREE.

In-state: Shelton Gibson is the only one with an offer. Others in the mix could be Kevin Gladney and/or Rob Wheelwright.

SUMMARY: If Jalin Marshall fits here, then only two more will be added. Gibson and Robert Foster would be a great duo, but there will be many out-of-state options.

TIGHT END: The position is so important in a Meyer-led offense, that they could take two, although one would ease numbers. PROJECTION: ONE.

In-state: Jacob Matuska.

SUMMARY: Have to think Mike Heuerman is as near in as possible without being publicly committed. Ohio State will chase Adam Breneman and take both if possible.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Same old story: Too many center and guard prospects, and Meyer was not thrilled with who he inherited on the roster. One more year needed to reshape the position. PROJECTION: THREE TACKLES.

In-state: Evan Lisle. Only.

SUMMARY: Ohio State should land Lisle, then look national to complete the deal with offensive tackles.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: One commitment in Billy Price. PROJECTION: TWO.

In-state: Donovan Munger.

SUMMARY: They need one more, and there are great out-of-state options available.

DEFENSIVE END: Not a great need following last year's haul. PROJECTION: ZERO.

In-state: Zero.

SUMMARY: If Joey Bosa or Elijah Daniel drops in their laps, that would be great. If not, they can pass and add another player somewhere else.

LINEBACKER: Last year helped ease a need, but they still need to add depth. PROJECTION: THREE.

In-state: Courtney Love and Ben Gedeon hold offers. Michael McCray is waiting in the wings.

SUMMARY: Jaylon Smith is the number-one option, but could be leaning to Notre Dame. Love and Gedeon would probably complete the deal, and both are possibilities, with Love being more likely. Tim Kimbrough is also in the mix, as is Alex Anzalone.

CORNERBACK: They have their men, in Eli Woodard and Cameron Burrows. PROJECTION: TWO.

In-state: Ross Douglas. Gareon Conley. Reon Dawson. Caleb Day.

SUMMARY: Ohio State should be complete at cornerback after adding two of the best in America. Day has work to do, and could be considered a wideout or a defensive back.

SAFETY: The roster is filled with several names, but few proven commodities. PROJECTION: TWO.

In-state: Dymonte Thomas. Darron Lee. Marcus McWilson.

SUMMARY: Meyer wants Thomas, and could chase him all the way to Signing Day of 2013. He will look to add one other, probably an out-of-state option.

There you have it. Twenty spots, with 11 on offense and nine on defense. The numbers could change obviously, but that is an educated guess at this time.

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