BANK Blog: Recruiting Overview

Ohio State currently has five commitments for their 2013 recruiting class, and all are among the highest-rated in the country at their respective positions. How does the Buckeye big board look as we are about to enter the spring evaluation phase?

Ohio State continues to evaluate prospects by junior film, but the spring evaluation period begins April 15. At that time, college coaches can go out on the road and evaluate players in person, which is why so many head to states with spring football.

Even though Ohio does not have spring football, and so many prospects are involved in either baseball or track, coaches will still flock to in-state high schools to eyeball recruits face to face.

Ohio State has five commits for the 2013 recruiting class. Who else is in the mix to be in this class? What will the final number be? How will it be broken down by position? Let's try to answer those questions.

The final number is simply an educated guess, and it is based on attrition, which cannot be answered accurately today. For a working number, let's stick with 20, knowing full-well it is just a guess.

QUARTERBACK: TWO. The depth chart is barren, and it looks like two will be added, and I do not see Jalin Marshall included in that number. Leading candidates would be J.T. Barrett, Malik Zaire, Mitch Trubisky and Aaron Bailey. SUMMARY: Barrett will visit in two weeks. Zaire has been in contact with the staff a lot. Let's go with those two as high priorities.

TAILBACK: TWO. They could only go with one, especially if Marshall is viewed as a back. The depth chart is strong, bolstered by the two freshman, Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball. Candidates would appear to be DeVeon Smith, Derrick Green, David Williams, Ty Isaac, and others. Smith could be leaning toward Michigan. Green seems to have the Buckeyes on top. Williams has always been enamored with Ohio State. SUMMARY: Let's go with Green for now, and either land a national prospect later, or save a spot for another position.

WIDE RECEIVER: THREE. No secret head coach Urban Meyer is not satisfied with what he inherited at the position, and there probably won't be any immediate help from the 2012 class. Candidates would appear to be Robert Foster, Shelton Gibson, Marquez North, and others. SUMMARY: I would think the Buckeyes are in great shape with Gibson and Foster, and would slot Marshall into this position.

TIGHT END: ONE. Now that Adam Breneman is off the board, it would seem that Mike Heuerman is the man. Josh McNeil is also in the mix. SUMMARY: Heuerman should be it, and call it a day, but McNeil could be too good to not pursue.

OFFENSIVE LINE: THREE. Understand this number could go up after Meyer and Ed Warriner see exactly what they have during spring practice. Ethan Pocic, Hunter Bivin, Colin McGovern and possibly Lovell Peterson are early canidates. More names could surface. SUMMARY: Ohio State is in great shape with Pocic and Bivin, but this is a position that could be on a watch up until National Signing Day. Evan Lisle is already in the fold.

DEFENSIVE LINE: TWO. Might not be a need for defensive ends after last year's haul, and they could focus on two tackles. Billy Price is in the hopper, and names like Donovan Munger, Greg Gilmore, Greg Webb, Henry Poggi and Tashawn Bower are in the mix. Two defensive ends, Joey Bosa and Elijah Daniel would fall into the "too-good-to-pass-up" category. SUMMARY: How about adding Webb to Price, and stopping right there? Unless one of Bosa or Daniel wants in.

LINEBACKER: THREE. Meyer was obviously hot happy with this area, both with what was on the roster and what he inherited in the 2012 class. He went out and added three studs late in the process, and could be looking to take three more in the 2013 class. Names like Ben Gedeon, Courtney Love, Alex Anzalone, Jaylon Smith and Tim Kimbrough have all visited. Peter Kalambayi has offers from the entire country, and let's see if he visits. SUMMARY: Looks like they want to add three more. I don't think Gedeon or Smith have Ohio State on top at this time, but there might still be time. Let's look at Anzalone and Love as high possibilities for now, with several candidates to fill in the third spot.

CORNERBACK: TWO. Looks like Ohio State has what they need at cornerback with Eli Woodard and Cameron Burrows. I don't see a third player being added, unless a superstar wants in. They might chase Vernon Hargreaves and players like him. Doesn't look good for Caleb Day at this time. SUMMARY: Ohio State grabbed two of the best in the country, with Burrows and Woodard. They could rest on those two.

SAFETY: TWO. There are two committed in-state players that are being looked at closely right now, Dymonte Thomas (Michigan) and Jayme Thompson (West Virginia). Out of state prospect Leon McQuay visited last year. SUMMARY: Ohio State is still exploring options at safety. Deciding whether to offer Thompson, and if Thomas is a possibility, will determine where they go with this position.

Ohio State will more than likely need to add a punter in this class, so that is another spot to keep in mind. Finding out if Frank Epitropoulos can fill that need will help determine if they need to use a spot for a specialist.

Seeing his players up-close and personal for the first time in spring football, could also help Meyer decide what positions might need more attention in the 2013 recruiting class as well.

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