Recruiting Updates - Reddick, Chandler

The Buckeyes have had success in bringing players from the city of Ft. Lauderdale up to OSU, and two players from that area who are interested in Ohio State are St. Thomas Aquinas DB Anthony Reddick and Dillard WR Kelvin Chandler.

Anthony Reddick and Kelvin Chandler are a tandem of Florida high school standouts that are gaining the attention of Ohio State, among many other big time programs.

Anthony Reddick is a player who has been hearing a lot from schools, but for some reason or another has slipped through the cracks of publicity. There is not much information out there on this 6'1", 190-pound CB, but for what he lacks in exposure in the newspapers, magazines, and Internet sites, he more than makes up for on the football field.

Lack of exposure was the main factor playing into Reddick's decision to transfer to St. Thomas Aquinas. He felt he would get noticed more at a school with a better football program. However, this transition to a new program was difficult because Reddick moved from the LB position to CB. With the help of his teammates and coaches, Reddick learned the coverages so he could make an immediate impact.

Reddick was fourth on the team in tackles last season and recorded 4 interceptions. He is a very aggressive player who plays every play like it is his last. He has good coverage ability and can deliver the hard hit. "I am willing to match up against anybody," says Reddick, "if it means making myself a better player."

With a 4.56 forty time, Reddick is still working on his impressive speed this summer to prepare for the upcoming season. He is also spending a lot of time in the weight room and doing a lot of cone drills to improve his footwork. He says, "Sometimes I stay in my back pedal too long. I have been working on that too."

Programs that are most interested in Reddick include Florida, Georgia, UNC, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, Mississippi State, and Ohio State. He doesn't have any favorite right now, but wants to go where he has the best chance playing. Reddick is thankful that he has enough talent that schools are considering him

Losing in the regional game last season, Reddick's goal for this season is to make it to the state game and win. "I was proud of making it that far in the playoffs, even though we didn't win. Hopefully this year we can win it all," says Reddick, "besides that, I am just going to try and play my best all season."

Reddick is also a small forward for the St. Thomas Aquinas basketball team and he runs the 200, 4x400, and 4x100 for the track team.

Kelvin Chandler is a speedy WR out of Dillard High School (alma mater of Buckeye star CB Chris Gamble and safety Thomas Matthews). Chandler is another transfer student (he announced a transfer to Dillard from North Lauderdale Academy just recently) who was looking to attract more attention to his skill.

At 6'2", 180 pounds with a 4.5 forty, Chandler has received offers from Northern Illinois Wisconsin, Eastern Michigan, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Maryland, and Iowa with his favorites including Florida, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Duke, Miami, and Ohio State of the schools he is hearing from.

Chandler is the total package. He has good speed and is very physical. Despite already being skilled in route running and having good hands, he still works on these skills everyday. "I do cone drills, run stairs, and catch about 100 balls a day," explains Chandler.

Chandler has already camped at Auburn and is planning on camping at LSU and Ohio. He is looking to make a big impact this season. "I want to lead the team in receiving and receptions this year," says Chandler. "I had a really good spring game. It was sort of a breakout game. Hopefully the season will be the same way."

Chandler is a 3.0 GPA student who wants to major in business in college. He was also a star on the North Lauderdale track team, helping to win state in the 4x400 this year.

It is understandable that both of these players look to Oakland Raider WR Jerry Rice for inspiration. Like Rice, these players possess speed, agility, and perseverance. "Jerry Rice is my favorite player because he just never gives up," says Chandler.

Look forward to big seasons from both Reddick and Chandler because fans will probably be hearing a lot more about these players from the first snap of the 2003 season.

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