Welch, O'Neal talk camp, more

Two OSU commitments were in Columbus today for Senior Advanced Camp. Dave Biddle talked with them about what they saw.

Session two of Ohio State's Senior Advanced Camp was held today at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. A lot of the top recruits from around the state were in attendance and we tracked down a few of them.

First up, we talked to defensive back Jamario O'Neal, the lone junior who participated.

"I'm having fun," O'Neal told Bucknuts.com. "I'm not a senior, but it's fun being the only junior out here. I came here last week and everything was good, so I asked if I could come down today and work with these guys."

O'Neal committed to the Buckeyes during his sophomore year. He is one of the few players who isn't trying to impress the many college scouts in attendance, but he's not loafing off either.

"Yeah, I don't have to prove nothing, but I'm just out here working hard and having fun," he said. "I've been working against older guys my whole life, so this is nothing new."

O'Neal can play anywhere in the secondary and also lines up at receiver.

"In high school, I play free safety, but when I come to camps, I play corner just to help me with my footwork and stuff like that. I also play wide receiver. In college, I really don't care what position I play."

O'Neal is known for his blazing speed and didn't do anything to disappoint the scouts the last few weeks.

"I ran the 40 up at Michigan and ran a 4.22," he said. "At Pittsburgh, I ran a 4.36. Those are the only 40s I've run. I didn't run here."

O'Neal was asked if he pushed himself a little harder at Michigan just to give them a taste of things to come.

"Yeah, definitely. I went up to Michigan, but I didn't like the whole surroundings," he said.

What are O'Neal's goals the next two seasons?

"To get better. Just to get better all-around. I'm trying to get better so when I come here I can start. That's how good I am trying to get."

Another Buckeye commitment - defensive back SirJoseph Welch - was also present today

"I'm just out here trying to learn what I can," Welch said.

Sirjo likes meeting and competing against the talented players at the camp.

"It's a step up from what I'm used to," he said. "It's fun seeing other people you are going to be going up against and some of the other guys."

Welch likes watching his fellow defensive backs. He says players can learn from each other.

"I can't really tell you their names, I really don't know them by name, but I've been watching a lot of the DBs out here. Just trying to see what everybody's got. We can pick up pointers from each other, just like we can from the coaches," Welch said.

Sirjo is happy he made an early commitment. Well, for the most part he is.

"I mean, it's cool. I got it out of the way because it was stressful. But on the other hand, you can't have as much fun as you want to now because when you commit, you've got to take things seriously. You've got a bull's-eye on you, so now I've got to watch what I do with everything."

This upcoming high school season, Welch wants to be on the field as much as possible.

"Most likely, I will play both ways this year. I like doing that. In college, I'll probably just play DB though."

Will the future Buckeye take in many OSU games this year?

"Yes, I will. I always watch the Buckeyes on TV. I don't like being around a big crowd, so I don't come over here for the games. But this year, I'm gonna start going."

What school was Welch's runner-up?

"Michigan," he said.

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