Recruiting Update - Tedd Bullock

Lucasville (OH) Valley DE/LB Tedd Bullock was one of several fine prospects in attendance at OSU camp last week. We talked with him to find out his impressions and how things went.

Tedd Bullock is another player who paid a visit to the Ohio State camp last week. This LB from Valley High School in Lucasville, OH camped well and discusses with us in detail his day in Columbus.

"The coaches like the way I move through the bags and the way my hips move," explains Bullock. "My foot speed was really good too. I had about six or seven balls thrown at me, and they like the way I break on the ball. I dropped a couple because they try to catch you off guard and throw them low, but they still like my hands."

Bullock was measured at 6'3" and weighed in at 225 lbs. However, he didn't register the 40 time he was hoping for. "I felt like I could have done a lot better if I was standing up because I am used to having my first step as a linebacker in the standing position, but I was in a down position and ran a 4.82 – I was hoping to do better but you get kind of worn out traveling around to camps sometimes," says Bullock.

Bullock says he learned a lot at camp, and there are several drills they performed which he feels will be beneficial for the upcoming season. "One thing they taught us in one-on-one drills was pass coverage technique," explains Bullock. "They taught us how to come up on a receiver, close the margin, and ride the hip of the player. They said not to look for the ball and wait for the wide receiver to turn his head and put his hands up. This helps get pressure on the receiver and make the play."

Bullock says another drill he thought was important was how to get his speed back up after backpedaling. This is helpful on plays when the LB drops back for a pass and the offense runs a draw and the LB has to recover and shift back inside.

Bullock says there is still some part of his game he needs to work on after going to the one-day camp. "I just need to work on my flexibility. Going through the drills I went through is really going to help me out on quickness and moving around better."

Although Bullock is a LB in high school, many schools are recruiting him as a DE in college. Some of the smaller schools in the MAC want him as a LB, but bigger schools in the Big 10 and SEC want him at the DE position. "I am the kind of player that can play anywhere," explains Bullock. "I am a versatile player, and if they want me to move to another position, I am all for that."

Some of the other players that impressed Bullock at camp include LBs Marcus Freeman and Anton Narinskiy. "Marcus Freeman – he's really something – he is 6'2" and weighed in at 241 lbs with a 4.48 forty time. You don't see that many people that size run that fast," says Bullock. "Anton Narinskiy is a good guy. He is really aggressive and gets after it. I saw a lot of other guys that I have heard of or seen on the Internet sites, too."

Bullock likes Ohio State's facilities and coaches a lot and says the Buckeyes are definitely in the picture. However, the coaching staff wants to see some more film on him this season before extending an offer. "Coach Snyder (LB coach) worked with me and sat me down and talked to me. He said he wants to see my first game this season before anything happens. "Some schools leave you off guard, but he was straight to the point," says Bullock. "I like Coach Fickell (special teams) a lot too. He was teaching me things about flipping my shoulders when linemen come on me to get around him. I also like coach Heacock (DL coach)."

Overall, Tedd Bullock had a good camp. He came away with a lot that is going to help him in the 2003 season and in the recruitment process. He is expecting to lead the Valley Indians to at least an 8-2 record and deep into the playoffs.

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