Recruiting Update - Dwayne Jones

Toms River, NJ RB Dwayne Jones is one of the best running back prospects on the East Coast this year. Jones is very interested in Ohio State, and we caught up with him recently to find out the latest.

Dwayne Jones is another player we have been trying to reach for several weeks, and we finally got him. This RB from Toms River High School North (NJ) has the Buckeyes high on his list of schools that are interested in him.

Jones has already received offers from Boston College, Rutgers, and Nebraska with the list of favorites including the aforementioned Buckeyes, Virginia, and Nebraska.

"I like Coach Snyder (OSU linebacker coach) a lot," say Jones. "He is a cool guy. He even said if I wasn't to make it he would help me through anything. He is a straight forward guy." Jones says that academics and climate are major determining factors in his decision on a school.

Jones is a fast (4.4 forty) and hard running RB. "I am bigger than the majority of defensive backs. I am the size of a linebacker. I am also faster than a lot of them so I can either run through them or past them," explains Jones. At 6'0", 227 lbs, Jones had 143 caries for 943 yards and 14 TDs in only 6 games last season. One of his biggest strengths is Jones never wears himself down for the fourth quarter and runs with the same intensity the whole game.

"I have been working on carrying the ball in my left hand a lot," explains Jones. "I sprained it sophomore year and never went to the doctor. It healed by itself and it is really weak."

Jones says he has a grip strengthener, carries the ball in his left hand more at practice, and encourages the defense to try and knock the ball out of his hand. He says he has also been running a lot and working on his upper body strength since he mostly lifts his lower body.

In addition to working on the physical aspects of his game, Jones says he is learning the game better and becoming a smarter player. "I am a hard worker. I am not hard headed and I listen well," says Jones. With making improvements to both his physical and mental aspects of his game, Jones hopes to win the state championship this season.

Jones thanks his mom for being the person to put the football in his hands when he was younger. His favorite player is Barry Sanders, and Jones somewhat models his game after the legendary running back. Jones wants to study business in college.

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