Breaking Down Darron Lee

Ohio State picked up a commitment from New Albany athlete Darron Lee Tuesday. The three-star prospect brings versatility and intelligence to the table. What is there to like about Lee? Scout takes a look.

Ohio State's offer to New Albany's Darron Lee might seem surprising to people that follow recruiting lists and rankings, but it's doubtful anyone that has seen Lee in the past month is all that surprised.

Lee, 6-foot-2, 205-pounds, is a player the Scout recruiting team has seen a lot of in the past month, including the Elite-11 in Columbus, as well as two appearances at Ohio State for camp.

WHY WAS LEE OFFERED? Just as we have seen a lot of Lee in the past month, so has Ohio State, which means FAR more. They saw him the first time as a safety, and this past weekend as a linebacker. Position coach Luke Fickell had Lee doing drills away from the group, where just the two of them were together. Ohio State had ample opportunities to evaluate Lee, and could have easily passed him were they not sold 100%. It is still June, and there are limited spots available, so they could have passed him if they were unsure of his ability.

WHAT POSITION DOES LEE PLAY? This one is going to depend upon body-type and development over the next year, and Lee is currently 6-foot-2, 205-pounds. His strength is his versatility and his overall athletic ability. Defensively, he has been told he could play linebacker, safety or nickel-back. I could see him switching to offense and play wide receiver. There is no reason he won't be a factor on special teams. He is a big, fast, physical athlete, so that doesn't rubber-stamp him to one position.

WHAT ARE LEE'S INTANGIBLES? With Darron Lee, there is no downside in terms of grades, character, work ethic or personality. Urban Meyer had Lee spend time with Noah Spence, Jayme Thompson, Ezekiel Elliott and Ryan Shazier this past Saturday. Don't think for a second they weren't evaluating Lee as a potential teammate. Finally, Darron Lee simply had a burning desire to be a Buckeye, and when the athletic ability, intelligence and size are in order, that's another factor to consider. Is he coachable? He came back a second time when asked to camp again. Is his attitude right? He wasn't insulted or put off by not being offered after the first camp, but bowed his neck and came and showed them what they needed to see.

WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE? The lack of a true position, being the proverbial "tweener", has killed many a college career. This is certainly a possibility for Darron Lee. Can he get to 225-pounds and hold up physically at linebacker? Can he flip his hips and cover wide receivers at the nickel back spot? Will he have the ability to play the safety position full-time, even though he has never played the position extensively? These are the questions that Lee will need to answer before he takes the field at Ohio State in a meaningful role. For me, Lee is a safety at the next level, and uses his size and speed at the strong safety position.

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