Recruiting Update - Mark Petruziello

QB Mark Petruziello is a player we have profiled before and we caught up with him again to get an update on recruiting, camps, and the Buckeyes

Mark Petruziello is a player we recently profiled in an interview with his coach (Mike Bell) on Bucknuts, and we caught up with Mark to discuss camps, recruiting, and the Buckeyes.

The QB from Mentor Lake Catholic (OH) attended the Ohio State camp last month. "Ohio State was the best camp I have been to so far," says Petruziello. "I have been to Michigan, Penn State, and few others; but Ohio State had more coaches involved working with players. There was also a lot of contact with the coaches, which always helps. It is harder at bigger camps to work one-on-one."

Petruziello was impressed with the atmosphere of Ohio State on his trip to Columbus, among other things. "Coach Tressel is a great guy - probably one of the best people I have ever met," says Petruziello, "he is a guy you can really talk to. I like Ohio State's facilities a lot. They are top-notch – some of the best facilities in the country, if not the best."

He further explains, "I like Mel Tucker (Defensive Secondary Coach). He is straightforward with everyone and treated everyone the same way. If you did something wrong he would tell you about it."

The Mentor Lake Catholic Cougars QB says he learned some invaluable lessons at camp. "The most important thing I learned in camp was ball position," says Petruziello. "Where to hold the ball at all times, quickest release, good ball release, where to holding the ball after the snap – we were working on it with Mike Tomczak. Fakes were the most important thing he taught. You're pretty much making a fake at all times," explains Petruziello.

Petruziello measured in at 6'1½" and weighed 205 lbs at camp. "I was pleased with my 40 time (4.71) and pleased with my weight. I wanted to gain some weight."

The top programs interested in Petruziello include Wisconsin, Boston College, Penn State, Ohio State, and a few MAC schools. "I am always interested in Ohio State," explains Petruziello, "but they have a lot of QBs there. I am just looking for somewhere I can play. I have talked a lot with the coaches up at Wisconsin and it is looking good there right now – they only have a couple QBs."

Petruziello also attended the Penn State camp and says he has been talking a lot with Jay Paterno. He is the first QB Penn State has recruited in two years. He says he will make his decision after he hears from all the schools and weighs out all of his options. It could come before, during, or after the season. Although he wants to play the role of field general taking the snaps at the next level, Petruziello realizes it is possible he might have to change positions because of his size, despite recently gaining some weight.

As mentioned in our last profile, Petruziello was plagued by injury last season. As a result, he has been going the extra mile in the off-season to ensure he avoids having to endure another injury. "I have been running everyday, working out really hard everyday, strengthening my shoulder, learning how to run, and how to take a hit," explains Petruziello.

After attending camp, he says he could improve on his footwork to quicken his feet, throwing on the run, throwing across his body, and some 5-step drop techniques.

Bouncing back from injury from last season will be the biggest challenge for Petruziello. "It will be hard to be a leader out there after missing a year. It is like starting all over again. After throwing that first pass and taking that first hit, everything should be ok," says Petruziello. "I just need to play my game and not worry about colleges and pressures – just go out there and play with my team and win games and everything should fall in place." Petruziello hopes to lead the Cougars to an undefeated season on the way to another state championship.

The best thing Petruziello says he took away from camp is how to play and think on the field, but most importantly, he has a stronger sense of confidence. Confidence is a priceless asset when a player is returning from injury, which will significantly help Petruziello accomplish his goals this season.

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