Ohio State Offense: Changing Through Years

Everyone knows Ohio State's offense become known for its three yards and a cloud of dust approach under Woody Hayes, but it has had many forms over the years. Take a look at what preceded him and how things have changed in the years that followed.

Of course you know by now the major topic of Ohio State football this offseason has been the installation of Urban Meyer's spread offense. As a football strategy junky, I have found it fascinating to talk to the new Ohio State coaches about their plans and the players about how they have absorbed everything.

You can find example of that in our BuckeyeSports.com archives and in past issues of Buckeye Sports Bulletin (see here), but before we go any farther, I thought it would be fun to take a look back this summer.

The result is the cover story of our next print edition of Buckeye Sports Bulletin, an issue headed to the mailbox of all of our annual Scout subscribers.

For a preview, see the latest entry in the Cus Words Blog.

Although Ohio State has been known as the home of three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust offenses for more than half a century, there have been plenty of evolutions over the years, some that will probably surprise you.

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