Pre-Friday Night Lights Recruiting Blog

Most Ohio State fans are eagerly awaiting the first-ever "Friday Night Lights" camp coming up at the end of the month. With 14 current commits, and room for possibly six more, with FNL have an impact on the 2013 recruiting class?

Ohio State fans are eagerly awaiting July 27th, as head coach Urban Meyer will look to duplicate the recruiting magnet he created at Florida with the famous "Friday Night Lights" camp.

There is no doubting the popularity of the event in Gainesville, as Meyer attracted five-star prospects by the score to Florida. An early look at the prospect list reveals the same attraction is happening at Ohio State.

Will FNL impact the 2013 recruiting class all that much, or is this more about laying the groundwork for what should be another top-rated class in 2014? Let's look at the 2013 class, with 14 commits and possibly room for six more prospects.

Devon Allen. This is one direct benefit of FNL, as Allen is coming to work out in front of the Buckeye coaching staff. Does he have a commitable offer, or is he coming to Columbus looking to earn one? Tough question to answer, but I'm guessing he has a true offer. Meyer needs speed on the outside desperately, and with odds being long on the likes of Robert Foster, Marquez North, James Quick and Laquon Treadwell, the addition of the speedster from Arizona makes sense.

Donovan Munger. He is playing his recruitment close to the vest, but new information indicates things are trending toward Ohio State. He has a commitable offer, without question. A key will be getting his mother down to Columbus for a visit in the near future. Assistant coach Mike Vrabel is the lead recruiter, and I like what I'm hearing on this front.

Mike Mitchell. Not sure about a FNL visit, but Mitchell is supposed to be on campus with his father very soon. He has a commitable offer, and they would take him yesterday. Mitchell has formed a bond with a few Buckeye recruits, and this one is trending heavily toward Ohio State. The addition of Mitchell would effectively end linebacker recruiting, as they took five in 2012, and could be set to hit the motherlode in 2014.

Shelton Gibson. This one is the strangest recruitment, even in a year of one strange story after another. There could be academic worries, and Ohio State and others could be waiting on an improved test score, or a raised GPA. If things check out academically, it's easy to see Gibson in this class. But this might go on for a while, possibly through two nine-week grading periods.

Tyquan Lewis. This one just looks like a winner for Ohio State, and a decision could be coming very soon. Lewis camped to earn his offer, and was impressed with Ohio State. Lewis has great choices, but Ohio State could be considered the leader in the clubhouse at this time.

Dennis Finley. Ohio State has made their case, and aided by graduate assistant Kirk Barton, it is a strong one. This one should come down to Michigan State and Ohio State, and it's too close to call at this point. A fly in the ointment could be David Dawson flipping from Michigan to Florida, which could open the door for the Wolverines to reach out and grab Finley. If Finley goes elsewhere, maybe the Buckeyes look to Kyle Meadows?

Derrick Green. "He's Back." Do not count out the Virginia power-runner being in this class. Green has a great friendship with Brionte Dunn, and the two have grown very close over the past two years, speaking almost daily. I truly believe he has a commitable offer, and they would take him in this class.

Vonn Bell. They will wait until the morning of National Signing Day for this guy, and Ohio State has more than a fighting shot. The bad thing is this one COULD go until Signing Day, but this talent is one you wait for, and make room for.

Vernon Hargreaves III. A super longshot for sure, but a talent like Bell that you play his game as long as he lets you. Getting him on campus would be a great first step, but even that visit might not be enough to keep him from playing for his father at the next level.

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