B1G Media Days: Urban Meyer From Podium

Urban Meyer took the podium Thursday during Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. FOXSports NEXT has the latest on what he had to say about his first season in the conference.

Urban Meyer from Big Ten Media Days..

Opening Statement...

I am honored to be here representing the big ten conference and Ohio State University, I look forward to starting training camp a week from Friday.

On the mood in Columbus...

I like our players, and I like our team. We had a conditioning test that our players were telling me about, but there is a good energy in Columbus. The thing I don't know are the opponents, because I am not as familiar with the conference.

On the change of the Big Ten...

I have watched a lot of the Big Ten, as we got ready to play bowl games in recent years -- matter of fact I think 8 out of the 12 teams are running the spread offense right now. That is a drastic change from years past, there is great defense in this league, some teams are as good as anybody.

On the Big Ten's road to become the best conference...

College football is very cyclical, there are a lot of players and coaches right now that are very intent on making this the best conference right now.

On being prohibited from playing in a bowl game...

There is no such thing as a buffer year in college football, we will worry about bowl games. And one of the concerns that I have shared with my AD, after the last game of the season the kids are gone, and that is a long time away from my guys. It will be hard to shake their hands and say see you in January. That's the issue, not the 2012 season at all.

On Penn State players being solicited..

I have a problem with that, I just have a problem with that.

Penn State continued..

I just don't know enough about it, if a player reaches out and says they want to leave then i think that a player reaches out to a coach than they have a right to leave. but to actively have a coach getting recruited. A young man has a right to play on whatever team they want, but its a situation that I am not familiar with, and we are not going to get familiar with.

On Big Ten being on the same level as SEC...

They have to win, and win some bowl games. The bottom line in all of this is go win. How far are we from doing that? THe coaches that have been in the conference longer have a much better understanding of that. I know one thing, there are some very very good football teams in this conference -- so I anticipate that winning is not that far off.

On the incident with Bret Bielema...

We have a very good relatoinship, I think you would have to ask Coach Bielema but we get along fine. We had a good conversation at the Spring Meetings -- and a lot of things that were reported were not actually said. It is important to have a good relationship with coaches in the conference, there is a very good relationship with everybody here.

On his match-up with Bill O'Brien

Having a very good plan on 3rd down and six, taking care of the football.. I don't know Coach O'Brien that well, but because of his background I know what he is thinking. That's what coaches think about, they arent worried about the other stuff, they just want to execute.

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