Trout Visits Friday Night Lights

Kyle Trout made his second trip to Ohio State in as many months when he took in Friday Night Lights. The Ohio offensive lineman did not work out but did get a chance to meet with the Buckeye coaching staff. Find out the latest on this 2014 prospect in this update.

It was impossible to miss Kyle Trout standing on the field as Ohio State hosted its first-ever Friday Night Lights recruiting camp, and not just because the 2014 offensive tackle boasts a shock of red hair.

In addition, the Lancaster, Ohio, native was not in a scarlet or gray participant's shirt but a white T-shirt. Trout chose not to compete with Ohio high school football practice set to begin just a few days later.

"It's too close to two-a-days," he said. "I didn't want to risk getting hurt, so I didn't participate. I just watched."

Though Trout said the competitor in him was mad he didn't take part once the camp began, he was still happy with his choice to take in the highly touted event.

"I just wanted to be able to feel the way the coaches were coaching and see what a practice environment might look like and get to know the coaches a little more," he said. "The camp went great and I got to watch and pick up some things just by taking some mental reps. It was great.

As for the atmosphere, the 6-6, 280-pounder said, "It was really sweet. When they were cheering and doing the smokehouse and all the drills and everyone's watching you and yelling, it's up-tempo, it was great."

Trout said he also had the chance to speak to numerous Ohio State coaches, including head man Urban Meyer.

"They loved that I was able to come," he said. "Even though I wasn't able to participate, it didn't really help or hurt me. They didn't really mind. They just wanted to get me there and meet me again and talk to me and see how I like the atmosphere."

Trout still boasts offers from Illinois, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Ohio and Toledo, and his father, Kevin, who was also in attendance, said Kyle has also heard from Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Florida State, North Carolina and Oregon State in recent weeks.

"I thought that I wasn't going to get any more offers until later in the season," Trout said. "I've still not played a game my junior year and already hearing from a bunch of schools, it's a blessing. It's awesome."

As for what he's like to improve upon during his 2012 season, Trout said, "I want to be able to move my feet a lot better and stay on balance. I blocked people and pushed them 15 yards downfield, but I'd fall down at the end so it looks sloppy. I'm just trying to tweak the little things to make me a better player."

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