Statement from Karen A. Holbrook

"Good afternoon. We are here today to address the allegations reported in today's news media. Let me be clear that no complaint by any student, faculty member or teaching assistant has been filed through any university process. Nonetheless, we take the allegations made by the New York Times very seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. Anyone found in violation of our policies will be dealt with appropriately through our well-established procedures.

In light of these allegations, I have asked incoming Interim Provost Barbara Snyder and Athletics Director Andy Geiger to take responsibility for fully examining the allegations and reporting the findings back to me. Work has already begun.

I have the utmost confidence in Andy Geiger, and the partnership between Athletics and Academics, and in the university's processes that have been designed to prevent and address academic misconduct on the part of any student.

At The Ohio State University, we value our reputation and are constantly mindful of our need to safeguard it. Our reputation IS our number one asset and is based on our unwavering commitment to integrity in all that we do. We recognize that the spotlight will always be on the national champion. Being in the spotlight makes it even more important for us to respond quickly and appropriately to these allegations. I assure you that integrity will be the foundation of our investigation."

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