Ohio State: A Post-Evolutionary Spread

Ohio State fans have had their fun mocking spread teams over the years, but now the movement has come to Columbus. Buckeye fans should probably be glad it took so long, though, based on the way spreading the field to move the ball has evolved over the years.

I can't hide from the fact I have been a pure spread skeptic. (Or, perhaps more accurately, a skeptic of the pure spread.

As the movement evolves, I can, too, right? Sure, why not?

While the benefits of spreading a team out to use more of the field are clear, it is also easy to paint one's self into a corner with systems that do not utilize all types of players and plays.

So as far as that goes, Ohio State fans should be happy to see the spread movement coming to Ohio State only after it has had time to more fully mature.

To see what I mean, check out the newest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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