Plenty Of Room For Buckeyes To Improve

It's pretty difficult to find fault with an Ohio State team that wins its season opener by a 56-10 final, but we'll try anyway. That plus the weekly features: OSU-Central Florida Tidbits, news and notes from Around The Country, This Week In College Football History and the Fearless Forecast.

Ohio State fans in attendance at Ohio Stadium as well as those tuned in around the world on the Big Ten Network hoped they would be among the first to witness Urban Meyer's sleek new Ferrari-type offense in the 2012 season opener against Miami (Ohio).

What they saw instead was the same kind of steamroller the Buckeyes have been accustomed to using against lesser opponents for the better part of the last century.

Despite anticipation to the contrary, Meyer has never intimated that his version of the spread offense resembles a pass-happy, basketball-on-grass type of attack. In fact, the head coach blanches at such comparisons. Therefore, the approach that piled up 56 points and 538 total yards – most of that coming in the final three quarters – was about what Meyer wants it to be. In other words, a game plan that features running the ball about 60 percent of the time.

In addition to resembling many OSU teams of the past, the Buckeyes really didn't put on the kind of show one typically associates with a 56-10 win. To be brutally honest, I wouldn't give Ohio State a much better overall grade than B-minus for its performance against the RedHawks.

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