Cus Words: Fixing A Hole

Ohio State is happy to be 2-0, but there are plenty of things to work on as the Buckeyes get ready to host California. We take a look at what it will take for the Ohio State spread offense to evolve into a more consistent unit even as it has done a good job of lighting up the scoreboard already.

This week we find a standard from one of the greatest albums of The Beatles as we examine what is going on with Ohio State after two games. Specifically that has to do with an offense after Urban Meyer's spread* had to fall back on the talents of one special player to keep a solid Central Florida squad at bay last weekend.

The top lesson at Ohio State last weekend? Perfect execution isn't necessary when you have really talented players, even if only one of them is really ready to play at a high level, but the search will continue for more playmakers to step forward.

It should be an interesting process.

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*We promise to write about the defense some day.

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