Wilson recaps weekend trips

Most prospects dream about playing at the Division I-level in one sports, but some have the ability to make it in multiple sports. Devin Wilson is one of the select few, and he's still stuck in between football and basketball as his senior season kicks off. He visited three schools over the weekend to help create some separation, but it may have made things tougher in the long-run.

Devin Wilson is still stuck in-between football and basketball. He has solid offers to play either in college, but only Akron has offered him a scholarship to play both or either at the next level.

With that in mind, he has been debating all summer – and now into the fall – as to which sport he will continue playing. In an effort to help with the decision of sport and maybe even school choice, Wilson visited three area-schools over the weekend.

"They were close together, so it wasn't that bad," he said of the cluster weekend. "The first day, I had Drexel. The coaches showed me around; I talked to the head coach (James Flint) for a little bit. They took me around campus and showed me the buildings and stuff like that, it was a good time."

"Then I went to Rider," he continued. "It was a smaller type of school; but it had a real nice campus. I talked to the head coach (Kevin Baggett) a little bit. Then we saw them practice, like an open-gym thing for a little bit.

"Then they just showed me around campus, showed me some of the buildings before I talked to the academic advisors and stuff like that."

After a basketball-heavy Friday, Wilson shifted focus to the Temple Owls' football team Saturday for the team's game against Maryland.

"When I got there I was able to talk to my recruiting coach (Sean McGowan) and the offensive coordinator (Ryan Day) as well," said Wilson, who is being touted as a wide receiver. "(McGowan) said it was nice to see me down here…he wanted me to enjoy my time and give them a look."

Even after the trips, the 6-foot-4, 175-pound point guard/wideout is still unsure of which sport he will play in college. There's more work to do both from a sport and school standpoint.

"It's still up in the air; I haven't really diagnosed each school yet," he admitted. "The campuses were nice, the game was nice – it was just a good weekend. I would like to do it where I pick a sport, then a school off that.

"But right now I'm hoping that a school stands out above all the other ones and I can really say, ‘wow I really want to go there regardless of the sport just because of the school and being able to stay there for all the years I need to stay.'"

One scenario that may accelerate the process, at least for the Owls' chances, is the fact that a pair of Temple commits currently play with Wilson at Mountour (Pa.) High. Tyler Haddock and Matt Barone remain in his ear about all the Owls have to offer.

"They've been doing it a lot," said Wilson. "We went to a Steelers game and that's all they were talking about the whole entire time. They're selling it hard saying that it's an up-and-coming school, new coaches, stuff like that.

"There's younger players there and everything, so it's a good school to be able to roll into and go to."

The selling seems to be working.

"They're definitely one of the top schools," he said of Temple. "They're one of the BCS offers and to know that my teammates will be there makes me feel more comfortable. If they like it, then I'll probably like it as well."

No matter where Wilson ends up, his teammates are happy about his play on the field thus far. He has helped to lead Montour to a 2-0 record on both sides of the ball. The versatile athlete came up especially big against Central Valley (Pa.) High last week, home of five-star wide receiver Robert Foster.

"I had five catches for 180 yards and three touchdowns in the first game, and in the second game (against Central Valley) I had three catches for 49 yards. I had 74 yards on 12 rushes and I had an interception," said Wilson. "I was one-on-one with him (Foster) the whole entire game. Defensively, I feel like every time I play him I do a good job on him. Last game, he only had three catches for 37 yards. In my book, that's a win.

"I really go against him and try to show everyone that I can do everything that he can. Maybe not be as fast or explosive, but I can be just as effective as him in other ways."

Wilson will continue to try and see campuses this season, but no visits are currently scheduled. His top priority visit-wise, is to get down to North Carolina State to see the Wolfpack in person.

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