Recruiting Update - Brett Gallimore

Riverside, Missouri OL Brett Gallimore has been one of the most talked about offensive line recruits in the nation. We caught up with him lately to find out more about him and what he is thinking as far as college.

In casting their nets far and wide for offensive line prospects, Brett Gallimore is one recruit Ohio State coaches are hoping to snare. They are not alone. There are plenty of other boats in the waters - each with their own bait. Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Duke, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Wyoming, Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida are all placing phone calls to his residence. Furthermore, almost all of those schools have offered Brett a scholarship - Florida, Miami, Tennessee, and Oklahoma being the exceptions.

Clearly, with all of these institutions offering him a full ride, Brett has some decisions ahead of him. He knows this and even though he is enjoying the recruiting process right now, he is not looking forward to choosing among them. He does not want to disappoint the coaches he has befriended. To Brett, that is the worst part: "Trying to make the decision at the very end and telling the other schools no. It is pretty tough with all the schools I have visited."

Where is he leaning? What schools must work to catch up so they do not get the dreaded elimination call? Right now Brett feels Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Perhaps one is slightly favored over another, but each are still in the picture for the stretch run.

How will he choose?

"With all the schools it is hard to look at just the facilities," he said. "It is mostly where I feel good with the coaches - where I get along with them."

So why all the fuss over Brett? What are the reasons for all of the attention?

First of all, Brett is very close to being academically qualified. He has already taken his ACT, scoring a 19. With a B in one final course, he will clear all NCAA hurdles necessary for competition as a freshman.

Second, Brett is a hard worker. When it came to discussing his last season, he was not satisfied. "I thought I played bad but everyone else thinks I played good," he said. "I had 91 pancakes."

Why was he not satisfied?

"I think I could have done better in some parts of my game," he said. "The first three games I was kind of slacking. I was not really hustling or playing to the whistle. Overall I could have done better."

So what is Brett doing to improve?

"My dad films the games," he said. "After every game, I yell at myself and try to correct what I did wrong. Right now my weakness is the space blocking - blocking safeties when I pull. I work out with my coaches a lot on footwork and lifting. I have been working pretty hard over the past few years. When I was a freshman I was pretty small, I was actually skinny. I have been in the weight room and look buffed up now. Right now I am 295 and 6'5", almost 6'6"."

Third, there are a lot of young men out there with the raw size Brett possesses, but few with his athleticism and ability to play left tackle. He runs a respectable 5.2 and has set a goal to drop that to a 5.0 flat in the near future. While serving as the center for his high school basketball team this past season, Brett said he averaged close to 12 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Finally - and most important - is the item Brett considers his greatest accomplishment off the field: "Just being a good kid and staying out of trouble."

That may sound simple, but as the police blotter shows every offseason, it is not as easy as it seems for many young men. Sure, it is nice that Brett has a shelf full of hardware (first team all state, first team all conference, first team all district, first team KC prep, first team all metro, first team Kansas City Star…), but all those trophies do a coach little good if he is forced to bench a star for misconduct.


When will Brett commit? - "I am planning on committing after I take two or three trips. I want to take a trip to Oregon and UCLA and Florida State on my official visits. Then I will probably make my decision."

Brett's Hobby - "I like to hunt - mostly deer and turkey as long as I get them in the scope. I am not very good at bow hunting though. It is pretty tough."

When Brett is looking for a college - is distance going to be an issue? - "No. My parents don't really care how far I go, and it does not affect me all that much because they are going to come watch my games anyway."

What are you most looking forward to at college? - "Football, getting an education, and girls. Most important is to try to get an education."

Were you born in Ohio, and did your parents attend Ohio State or just live in the state? - "I was born in Kansas City, I have lived here my whole life. They just lived in Ohio."

Physical Stats - Bench 310, squat 480, height 6'5"-6'6", 295, 5.2 forty time.

What position do you see yourself at in college? - "Offensive tackle. I am not sure what side. Most say left tackle. It could be both. I played right tackle as a sophomore."

What is your planned major? - "I am not sure about my major yet."

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