Cus Words: Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

Another week, another win for the Ohio State football team. But there was plenty of gnashing of teeth when the Buckeyes' 35-28 win over Cal was complete. We look back at last week's lessons, ahead to what we can learn this week and opine a bit about the Big Ten in this week's column.

B.B. King brings us the inspiration this week as we examine the state of the Buckeyes following a 35-28 defeat of California last Saturday at Ohio Stadium.

We learned last week this Ohio State team is talented, but it is not so good it can relax too often.

This is a lesson that has been building for three weeks, if not longer. The Buckeyes kicked around the Big Ten for the better half of a decade by overwhelming the opposition with talent more than anything else. Yes, discipline and strategy played significant roles, but the overall domination of the league was mostly tied to having better players than the rest of the conference. That was especially true in the "down" years when the talent level probably remained about the same but the majority of the lineup was young and so what the team could do was more limited.

We are seeing that continue to play out this season under a new coaching staff. To read more on that, what to expect this week and some thoughts on the sinking Big Ten, check out the newest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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