Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Ohio State recruiting has been in a holding pattern since the late July commitment of two-star lineman Tim Gardner. With 16 commits in the fold, and the possibility of adding 5-6 more, where do things stand today with Ohio State?

First off, let's look at numbers and go forward from a math perspective. Ohio State has 78 players currently on scholarship, and they're allowed to be at 82. That gives four for next year. There are 14 seniors leaving, which when added to the four open spots gives them 18 openings for the 2013 recruiting class.

Ohio State currently has 16 players committed for the 2013 class, so technically there is only room to add two more players. Does anybody believe this class will number only 18? No, and that number is not realistic. Who could leave the program early?

Bradley Roby and Johnathan Hankins will project as viable NFL draft prospects, and absolutely will explore their options. Will both players leave? No way to answer that question in mid-September. Could both players leave? Yes. Assuming they both depart for the NFL, the 18 becomes 20, so let's go forward with 20 as the number.

Will any other current player on the roster be looking to head elsewhere? As of today, I know of no player looking to transfer, but this is a reality in today's college football world, so let's guess that two more underclassmen voluntarily leave the program before next summer. Now, we will use 22 as the final number, knowing full-well it's only a guess. That gives you six more commits to the 2013 class.


I would list four players in this group that I could see in the Ohio State final number, but prospects that better not "wait too late", in Donovan Munger, Christopher Worley, Tyquan Lewis and Shelton Gibson. Lewis has his announcement scheduled in a few days, and Ohio State is clearly in the picture, possibly even the favorite, so let's pencil him IN. Worley will be a Buckeye, assuming he doesn't play the "Glenville Game", and I don't think he will. Put him IN, in pen. Munger is a tough one to predict, but it's hard to not see him in this class. Another one IN, but with a pencil. Shelton Gibson is the enigma of the group. I believe he wants to be at Ohio State, and I think the Buckeyes want him badly. If the academic concerns are real, it's possible he heads to Fork Union for a year to get things ironed out. If he's good to go, I see him as a Buckeye. Let's say for argument sake that Ohio State lands three from this list, and that would leave three more to come later.


There are more than a few players that are on the radar for Ohio State, but won't be making decisions in the immediate future. Will Ohio State be able to grab three players out of a group of Vonn Bell, Mike Mitchell, James Quick, Dorian Johnson, Marquez North, Devon Allen, JUCO Corey Smith, or any other senior candidates? All of them are in different situations, and it would be hard to peg any as Ohio State locks or even strong leans at this point. An exception might be Devon Allen, who was put off to the Michigan game as a PLAN-B recruit. Mitchell at one time seemed Ohio State's to lose, but the lack of a visit puts him in the "MAYBE" category for now. Johnson is said to be down to Ohio State or Pittsburgh, and at best would be described as a coin flip. Let's say Ohio State takes one off this list. They could then go late in the year trying to either poach someone else's recruit, or try to get in the game with a few uncommitted studs.

POINT OF EMPHASIS: Middle linebacker.

It's no secret that once Mitchell went from probable to possible, the Buckeyes started looking at other options to add a thumper in the middle. The obvious candidate now has to be Courtney Love, especially coming on the heels of an unofficial visit for the Cal game. He's not speaking about the trip right now, but he wasn't there because he was bored on a Saturday afternoon. He could be taking Mitchell's spot, should he decide to flip to Ohio State. They have contacted West Virginia commit Darrien Howard to inquire if he would be interested in visiting, but to date he has not agreed to do so. Contact has also been made with two Florida commits, James Hearns and Daniel McMillan, about coming for visits. Hearns is undecided at this time, but McMillan has agreed to visit for the Michigan game. There could be other names popping up, as the need to add a physical, middle linebacker is glaring.


Nothing much has happened yet, and most of the key visitors have been 2014 prospects this season. That should be changing with two upcoming home games, Nebraska and Michigan. Look for the appearance of some big-names, with the possibility of players committed to other programs visiting Columbus in late November.

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