Wolf Talks Spartans Visit

Ohio tight end Ethan Wolf visited Michigan State a couple of weeks ago and takes a look back at his visit.

With over 80 prospects in attendance during Michigan State's battle with Notre Dame a few weeks ago SpartanDigest.com continues to talk with prospects who visited for the game. One prospect that came away impressed by the Spartans is Minster (Ohio) tight end Ethan Wolf.

What type of contact has Wolf been having with the Spartans?

"I've been in pretty good contact with Michigan State and coach (Mike) Tressel," said Wolf. He has been messaging me with emails and Facebook. We chose their game against Notre Dame as we felt it would be their best atmosphere overall."

How did Wolf's visit in East Lansing go?

"When we got there they had us over in the athletic facility for dinner," said Wolf. "Then they allowed us to roam a little bit and showed us the weight room, indoor practice facility and players lounge. The players' lounge is only a couple of years old and that was pretty neat. We then watched a video before they took us over to the field to get our tickets."

One of the perks of being a recruit on a game day visit is the chance to stand on the sideline during pregame. Wolf used this time to his advantage to learn more about the position he plays.

"The tight ends were in the end zone right in front of us during pregame," explained Wolf. "So we got a good chance to see them up close and what they were doing. They have like five or six tight ends but I saw they played Dion Sims and one other guy (Andrew Gleichert) who I'm not sure what his name is."

During the game Wolf also paid close attention to how the Spartans go about their business.

"We noticed they use their tight ends in a more traditional way as they have them blocking," said Wolf. "But Dion Sims had several catches so I guess they utilize them in the passing game as well."

Just over two weeks since he left Michigan State, Wolf still remembers well his game day experience.

"I remember before the game how the people were fired up and how it was loud," said Wolf. "By the time they came out the tunnel with all the lights and smoke it really stood out. It was a close game until Notre Dame pulled away. They played well but it looks like Notre Dame has a great defense this year. Overall the atmosphere stood out the most."

SpartanDigest.com will continue to follow any interest Wolf receives from the Spartans going forward.

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