Bank Blog: Quick Thoughts Offense

Ohio State took to the road last Saturday and picked up a huge win at Michigan State. In the 17-16 victory, how did the Buckeye offense fare? Who played well on that side of the football?

- Firs big road test of the year for Ohio State on offense, and even though 17 points seems pretty pedestrian, there were many successes on this side of the football.

- The Buckeye offense showed balance, with 383 yards being equally split between throwing and running. There was only one penalty, I believe, on the offense.

- Ohio State lost the turnover margin 3-0, and all of them were from Braxton Miller. The turnovers kept Ohio State from breaking the game open and hanging over 30 points on the board Saturday. To their credit, they battled hard all day and overcame what is usually a stat that leads to losing. Without the turnovers, Ohio State wins easily, I believe.

- Braxton is as dynamic a playmaker as you will find in college football today. His throwing can be inconsistent at times, but he is a threat to score every time he has the ball in his hands. Ohio State converted 7 of 13 on third down, and Braxton deserves a lot of the credit for moving the chains. He showed last year that he can make big plays in close games, a MUST for a championship quarterback, and he's done it this year in close games. That trait is needed if Ohio State is to challenge for a national title next year, and Miller has it. He's not real good reading the option, which is a shame, because there are yards being left out there with this play.

- I've really come about full circle on Carlos Hyde, and the guy is just a baller and a winner. Does he miss holes? Yes, but his vision is improving and so is his patience. But, never doubt for a minute how hard he plays the game and how badly he wants to win. He runs the football like he's mad at someone, and I love this trait. Losing Jordan Hall was minimized by Hyde's play, and he impressed blocking and catching the football also. I'm slowly turning into a big fan of Carlos Hyde, and it was impressive seeing him muscle down the clock on the last drive.

- The receivers are making plays, although the passing game is inconsistent. Philly Brown caught a ton of balls, and Devin Smith made the big play. The downside is that Braxton is just not a QB that can read the field and go through progressions, which eliminates Jake Stoneburner from the offense, as he is rarely the prime target. That probably won't change this year, but the hope is that Miller can add this facet to his game in time.

- The offensive line was excellent, with Reid Fragel having a monster game, and one he should feel very good about. Miller was only sacked once, and the Buckeyes ran the ball at will all game. This game was a war and not for finesse players, and the Ohio State O-line met the challenge of battling a very physical defense, and clearly came out on top. This was as physical as the offensive line has played for Ohio State in a long, long time. No pillow-fighters out there Saturday.

- What is most ironic is that Urban Meyer and Tom Herman were expected to bring flash and dash to Ohio State offensively, but in the biggest game of the year to date, the Buckeyes won by playing Tressel-Ball. Quite ironic, indeed.

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