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We have recruiting updates on four players today -- Trotwood-Madison DB Zach Logan, Warren Harding RB Delbert Ferguson, Columbus Academy RB Ray Jones, and some news on Coshocton LB Doori Song.

We recently spoke with Trotwood - Madison DB Zach Logan to get an update on his recruiting process.  His top schools right now are NC State, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, and Georgia Tech.  He has received offers from all these programs with the exception of Georgia Tech. 

He attended camp at Illinois, Purdue, and Michigan, but was sidelined by a stress fracture in his foot.  However, Logan says he still learned a lot about technique on the bump and run, hitting, and open-field tackling at camp despite not being able to physically participate.  He is fully recovered, and the injury should not affect the start of his season. 

Last season, Logan recorded 70 tackles, 5 INTs, and 12 breakups and was named All-Conference for the Greater Western Ohio Conference.  Although he is a FS and WR, Logan says he projects as a CB in college.

At 6'0", 175 lbs, with a 4.3 forty, Logan is a speedy DB.  "The most important thing I can bring to a college team is my work ethic and my drive," explains Logan, "I think this forces other players to do better too. I take charge on the field.  I like to lead.  I like to make plays."  He has been working on gaining some weight in the off-season and has been studying film to prepare for the 2003 season.

Logan is interested in a school with a "strong graduation rate, a winning football program, and a good social environment."  Expect a decision from Logan some time during the upcoming season.

-By Matt Natali

There's been a lot of talk about Delbert Ferguson among Ohio State fans. We caught up with him real quickly and found out more about his status. There's no truth to talk that he is headed for South Carolina, and he listed his current offers as Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Indiana, and several MAC schools. Injuries have also kept him out of camps as he says he has a hamstring problem that just hasn't completely healed. "I have a physical running style and I just need some time to heal up," he said.

When it comes to a decision, he won't be doing anything until at least early in the season. He's still thinking about entering college early, but he said he needs to look over the rules for doing so.

-By Duane Long

We caught up with Coshocton Head Coach Marty Arganbright, who filled us in a bit on Doori Song. Right now, Doori still has offers from Kentucky and Akron and his camp list consists of Harvard, Princeton, Navy, OSU, and Michigan. The coach says Doori is going to check things out at camp and go from there. Doori has no favorites; he's checking everyone out and weighing his options. He will decide after the season.

Doori has a 3.9 GPA (5th in class) and a 24 on the ACT. The coach said some schools looking at him as fullback and others at LB. They like what they see on film so they invite him to camp and his good character helps him.

The coach says Doori's work ethic has helped him in the weight room. He benches over 300, power cleans 285, and squats well over 400.

-By Matt Natali

Ray Jones was saddened to see the height, weight and forty time listed for him previously in database. 6-0, 195 and 4.5 aren't exactly bad, but he had reason to be disappointed.

"Those are my middle school stats! It broke my heart," he said.

Ray is up to 6-1, 205 and ran a 4.36 recently. He gave us a list of top schools.

"Stanford's still my #1 but they have not made an offer," he said. "BC is number 2; I'm going to be visiting there next week. I'll stop by Harvard while I'm there."

He's also going to Indiana Saturday. Duke is #3, Maryland is next, then Indiana and Northwestern. The only one who has not offered is Stanford.

He's going to Maryland on a Monday or Tuesday after his BC weekend. They haven't said what position they're recruiting him for.

"Maryland and Northwestern say they are recruiting me as both (RB and safety). Everyone else says they are recruiting me as a RB," he said.

He's also been out to Stanford, UCLA and Virginia on visits. He's not in a hurry to make a decision.

"I'm not going to be making a decision soon," he said.

-By Duane Long

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