Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Ohio State has been in a holding pattern with the 2013 recruiting class, with only one commitment (Tyquan Lewis) since late July. Are things ready to break loose for the Buckeyes? Let's take a look.

- Right now, Ohio State has 17 commitments for the 2013 recruiting class, a class that could possibly number 24-25 at the end of the day. There are several candidates in play for the remaining spots, and expect to see more prospects added as time goes on.

- This is Urban Meyer recruiting for Ohio State, not Jim Tressel, so the net will be Atlantic Ocean wide, not like it has been in the past. Meyer won't care at all about how many spots are left. He and his coaches will recruit great players on a daily/weekly basis, and will sort out the numbers later. If you aren't a recruiting monster on this staff, you won't be on this staff. They don't take breaks, even when there are zero spots left.

- Who is IN? From my seat, there is one player in the hopper for sure that is not listed as a commit, and that is Christopher Worley. His spot is saved, and he wants it. He takes no visits, other than Ohio State, and has no other schools in the mix. He's a Buckeye, probably whenever Ted Ginn and Urban Meyer say so.

- What about the possible flippers? That will ALWAYS be a point of discussion with Meyer at the helm, another departure from the old days and "gentlemen's agreements". They are still chasing Mike McCray and Dymonte Thomas, and both will be signing with Michigan on Signing Day. Gareon Conley is another matter, it appears. With Conley, the visit/visits are the key. Ohio State and Oregon are chasing. If he schedules a visit to either, it's Game-On. Without a visit anywhere else, he's a Wolverine. There is plenty of scuttlebutt on Mike Heuerman, and although I would not put him in the category of Conley in terms of needing to visit, I just don't see it happening at this time. Jaylon Smith is ALL Notre Dame, so forget that one.

- What about the BIG names? Vonn Bell is a huge longshot to me, but it's Meyer at the helm, so these shots might not be AS long as before. James Quick HAS NOT silently committed to anyone but Louisville, but Ohio State has moved alongside the Cardinals. Urban Meyer has gotten personally involved with Quick, and got the Buckeyes squarely into this game, after this effort was sputtering. Can Ohio State land Quick? Absolutely. Have they? Not yet. Obviously, the Charlie Strong watch means a lot here, so keep your eye on that development. Mike Mitchell is all over the board, but not all over the country taking visits. Mitchell remains a recruiting puzzler, but I still see the Buckeyes sitting in the top spot right now. An official visit would seem to be all Urban needs to lock this one down. Dorian Johnson needs to make a return trip, and if he does, things will be trending toward Ohio State being the favorite to land him. This one is moving in Ohio State's direction, but he is not locked up at all.

- What about the JUCO's? I only see one possibility at this time, and it's East Mississippi Community College wide receiver Corey Smith. They will probably need to see his transcript in December to make sure all is still good, but they are pushing him to visit, which is a strong sign. Smith has developed a strong relationship with Zach Smith, so this is the JUCO to watch for now.

- What about the remaining Ohioans with offers? I see Shelton Gibson as IN, with one more solid grading period. He wants to be a Buckeye, and it's now a question of qualifying. Donovan Munger is a tough one to follow, because he is a very quiet kid and not at all into the media tracking his every move. This has been the exact opposite of Worley, with Munger giving Ohio State no reason to think he's coming. The key to Munger's recruitment? Getting mom with him on a visit to Ohio State. That hasn't happened as of today.

- What about "other" out-of-staters? I'm not seeing much hope on Trey Johnson or Daniel McMillan, despite the visit possibilities. I'm not sure they would take Cornelius Elder at this point, and his recruitment is following the "Devon Allen" trail of PLAN-B.

- I DO see strong possibilities with two other Floridians, Tony Stevens and Skai Moore. Stevens keeps talking about visiting, not visiting, staying with Florida State, decommitting from Florida State, and everything in between. Watch for him to either visit, or not, and if he DOES, it will be time to get excited. Until he visits, not so. Skai Moore is totally different, in that he IS visiting in two weeks for the Illinois game, and i have him on STRONG commitment watch. Put a gun to my head and I would say Skai Moore WILL be a Buckeye.

You want eight? Worley. Quick. Mitchell. Johnson. Munger. Gibson. Moore. Smith.

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