Cus Words: Something Like That

Saturday was another reminder talent often trumps all, but staying strong mentally is still a constant struggle. It is also a factor for getting to and staying on top, as Ohio State will need to continue learning as it moves through the rest of this year and into the next.

I have often thought of a Tim McGraw song when picturing how Urban Meyer views Braxton Miller, and Saturday was another reminder of why. The scintillating sophomore did some more things "a heart don't forget" in Ohio State's 35-23 win at Penn State.

Miller made some mistakes, but he still managed to change the game when it was in the balance and put it away in the final minutes.

Like his team, he is young and developing, but both can be very fun to watch even as they are occasionally frustrating.

The show goes on this week with Illinois coming to Ohio Stadium, and we examine what we learned last week and what lessons this coming contest could hold in this week's Cus Words column.

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