Buckeye Mid-Week Update: Recruiting

This is a quick summary of Monday's activities and a look at what should transpire the rest of the week for Ohio State. Here are 12 quickies.

1- Things are definitely trending toward Ohio State with David Dawson. If he makes the visit and hangs out with the players and coaches, I might have them the favorite. Watch for the Michigan visit, if his schedule permits The Ohio State commits feel good about this one.

2- Urban was at Glenville yesterday and caused quite a stir according to Marcelys Jones. He didn't have a lot of time to spend there, as he was on a quick tour of the Cleveland area, but he made his presence felt with authority. I believe all three Glenville kids with offers will be Buckeyes: Jones, Marshon Lattimore and Christopher Worley. They also have major talent coming in the sophomore and freshman classes. The Pipeline remaining open is obviously important to Urban, and having that communicated to Ted Ginn Sr. is just as important.

3- Urban also went to Cleveland Heights and spoke with head coach Jeff Rotsky about Shelton Gibson. Meyer did not speak with Gibson personally, which is odd, but he might have been there on more of an academic update trip. I think things are done between OSU and Gibson, provided he qualifies.

4- Not sure what to make of Dorian Johnson, because he doesn't speak much about recruiting to anyone. Gotta use the old see what they do theory, and there should be two more visits on tap for him. Ed Warriner was there yesterday, and they want him badly.

5- Skai Moore could have a problem with his Michigan visit, depending on his playoff schedule. But he's very high on OSU, and I have them the favorite. Junior teammate safety Quincy Wilson is a very real possibility for OSU, and getting two from that school could land sophomore tailback Jordan Scarlett and others. University School is a power that will always have top kids. Mike Vrabel will be checking in on these guys today or tomorrow. Wilson will be back to OSU again in 2013, probably back to camp.

6- Vrabel will also be at St. Thomas Aquinas checking on Joey Bosa, who is 100% solid to OSU. Bosa's younger brother is a freshman and causing a lot of buzz with his play. I haven't seen him but he's supposed to be the real deal.

7- J.T. Barrett is going to be fine with his knee and Tom Herman wasn't there looking into the injury, but making sure the kid is solid with OSU. Which he is. There won't be a second QB added.

8- Urban was at St. Vincent yesterday to see junior LB Dante Booker. Someone from OSU will be at his game this week as well. Doran Grant (ex-teammate) will be at Booker's playoff game this week to aid the effort. I have Booker as a Buckeye, maybe not too much further down the road either. Thaddeus Snodgrass will beat him to be the first commit, but Booker might not be too far behind.

9- Vrabel is going to be at Massillon this week checking in on Gareon Conley, and will also head to Canton McKinley to see Eric Glover-Williams. Both teams are still practicing because they're in the playoffs.

10- People have known for a while that Jalin Marshall and Cameron Burrows are the most visible recruiters among the Ohio State commits, but a third player needs mentioned: Jayme Thompson. He is the lead dog going after Dawson, and the two of them are developing a nice friendship. Thompson really gets the recruiting game, as do the other two, and they are in contact with Mike Mitchell. No news yet regarding Luke Fickell's visit to see Mitchell.

11- Regarding Mike McCray: A person very close to one of the Michigan commits told me that Mike McCray Sr. is at nearly every Michigan home game, wearing full Wolverine gear and speaking quite highly about the Michigan program. Hard to believe he would be doing all this if his son were planning to flip to the Buckeyes. There is a ton of smoke out there on McCray, and Fickell continues to pursue him, but I'm not seeing it happen at all.

12- Ohio State WILL be practicing this week, although the full coaching staff won't be at every practice, due to the recruiting trips. The Buckeyes will be practicing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. More of a conditioning and keeping things light this week so players don't lose focus. Game-planning for Wisconsin comes next week.

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