Barker Experiences Irish Traditions

Drew Barker is one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2014 recruiting class. This past weekend, Barker visited Notre Dame and left with a positive feeling about the Irish.

With a handful of early offers Drew Barker is placing himself as one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2014 recruiting class.

Notre Dame is a program the 6-foot-4, 205-pound signal caller has heard a lot about but not yet seen the Irish up close. This past weekend Barker made the trip to South Bend and came away impressed.

"The trip was awesome," said Barker. "The game was awesome and when I got there I found Notre Dame to be everything I expected it to be and then some. The one thing that was the most unique and something I haven't felt at any other school is their tradition.

"At other schools they talk about the tradition at their school, but at Notre Dame you could actually feel the tradition everywhere you went. I felt that was cool and unique as Notre Dame is the only place I've ever had that feeling at."

How did Barker feel about witnessing senior day festivities?

"It just showed how great of a fan base Notre Dame has and how they are behind their players," said Barker. "Before the game (assistant) coach (Tony) Alford told me to pay attention to just how the coaches and the players interacted with each other. He said it's really special and you won't find that anywhere else as it's a real tight bond and a real family. So I paid attention to that and it seemed like the players were real close with the coaches and seemed like you could go to them for anything. That is something I want from the school I decide to attend."

One player Barker paid extra attention watching was current Irish quarterback Everett Golson. How did he find the first year starters performance?

"He had a really good day and that is the kind of offense I feel I can fit in passing the ball and also being able to run," said Barker. So I feel like I could fit in well with (assistant) coach (Chuck) Martin and (head) coach (Brian) Kelly's style of offense.

Did Barker get any feedback from the Irish staff?

"They told me that I'm in their top tier of quarterbacks," said Barker. "They also said that they were going to keep recruiting me steadily now so I'm going to try and get up there again and keep in contact and see where it goes."

While most prospects talk about programs having great weight rooms or locker rooms, Barker came away more impressed with a different aspect of the Irish experience.

"I've been to a lot of big schools and all the facilities were great," explained Barker. "Notre Dame is no exception but I'll remember how the people there were all really genuine and very nice. I think that is very important as I'm going to be going to a college for four or five years. So I want to make sure I like it the campus lifestyle as well as the people. It seemed like all the people at Notre Dame from the fans, coaches to the players were great. I had a player talk with me before the game and it just speaks volume to all the character that Coach Kelly instills in the players and that is very important.

"That is what I was really noticing as it seemed like every single kid in the locker or on the field was a good character person. At some schools you don't get that and you can kind of see that's not how it is. But I feel if I went to Notre Dame, I would be around a lot of good character people and that is definitely big."

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